Difference Between Prophets and Fortune Tellers

I have been asked what the difference is between prophets and fortune tellers on more than one occasion, so I have decided to write this article as to try and explain the difference. Please remember that all views here are my own, and my interpretation of scripture, so if you disagree with me that is fine, just keep the comments positive and productive.

Let’s start with prophets, we heard about loads of them in the old testament, but are they still around today, and what is a prophet? Let me start by saying that there is a difference between having the gift of prophecy and being a prophet. I can’t go into the differences now, but there is a book by Kenneth E Hagin (I’ve heard mixed reviews about him, but I found this book helpful) called The Gift of Prophecy ( I think it is free on Kindle) which explains about it in great detail. There is also a further difference between someone who has the ‘primary’ gift of prophesy, and someone who ‘receives’ the gift on the odd occasion when they need it. Now I imagine that many Christians are now just shaking their heads in disagreement, but seeing as this is my interpretation, I’ll carry on. For the sake of this article, I will include all 3 of these groups in the category of prophet for now. This obviously excludes false prophets, which is a whole other topic altogether. Prophets hear from God, more specifically Holy Spirit (Yes I refer to Him as an individual rather that THE Holy Spirit, they are one and the same). There are criteria for these words, again which I will not go into now, but they are ALWAYS there to uplift, encourage or help you. Even the ‘bad’ ones where we get a word about someone sinning, it is not to humiliate you, but rather to offer you a better way of doing things and ultimately a more abundant life. It may be a bit unpleasant at the time, but it is ultimately for your good. Having said that, I probably get 100 positive words before getting 1 revealing one about a sin, so they are in the minority. Seeing as God is not bound by time or space, the words are always correct. Yes, we are human, and we are never 100% sure that what we have is a word from God, so they always need to be confirmed, but if we do hear it from God, He doesn’t make mistakes. We will see pictures (in our mind) or a word will pop into our heads, or we’ll have a feeling or emotion come over us which will indicate what we believe that God has to say. It is absolutely amazing when you give someone a word that means very little to you, and they burst out crying because they asked God a question that morning, and your word was the answer!

Now let’s move onto fortune tellers, which are very popular here in the UK and I assume in other countries too. The way that get words is very similar to how prophets hear, except ironically fortune tellers (I believe) often hear it clearer than prophets do, so faith in what you believe is not such a big issue. Where do the fortune tellers get their words from? They usually say that they have a spirit guide, or they have a spirit by name, which provides them with their information. Now there are various scriptures which warn us about fortune tellers, horoscopes and tarot card readers and the like, but why? Why does scripture tell us to stay away from them? I believe that it is a simple answer, spirit guides are nothing more than demons. Demons? You mean like the things that make people crab walk and turn their heads backwards? Yes, but life is not always like Hollywood. I have delivered a few people from demons, and have only seen minor manifestations like eyelids fluttering and them telling me to stop praying. Most demons are happy to be inconspicuous or mistaken for something else, that is where the saying ‘the devils greatest trick was to convince us that he doesn’t exist’ comes from. It is not all or nothing, you are not either possessed or not, there are loads of stages in between. Again, this is a topic for another day.

Does this mean that fortune tellers are evil? No, it doesn’t. I don’t blame fortune tellers for a second. Most of them have discovered that they have a gift and they are trying to use it the best that they can. They are trying to help people and they are trying to make the most of the gift that they have. I reckon that most (if not all) fortune tellers would be shocked to hear that spirit guides are demons, and that they’ll probably disagree. Do I blame people for going to fortune tellers? No, not at all. People have the need and desire to know about the future, to know what to expect and to hear from a ‘higher power’. This is exactly what God gives the gift of prophecy.

I don’t blame anyone for what is going on, but I do think that if someone has to take the blame, it should probably be Christians just like me. I have the gift of prophecy, and I could actually be a prophet based on the book I mentioned earlier ( I haven’t decided yet :-)), yet I still seem to use it sparingly. I believe that there are loads of people out there who have this as their primary gift, and even more who can call on this gift when needed, yet we don’t use it! If we’re not using the gifts (or even worse, don’t believe in them), then where else can people hear a word from a ‘higher power’ from?

If what I have said is true, the choice is yours. You can hear a word from God, the creator of the universe, or from a demon, who’s only real power is deception (another topic for discussion). The people in between the ‘higher power’ and you are both just ordinary people who have a ‘gift’ and are trying to use it as best as they can, so the source of the word is key here.

As for Christians, we need to really find out what our gifting is, but also, not neglect the others. I have the gift of prophecy and discernment, however I have commanded healing and seen it happen. I have taught, preached and been in various leadership positions and speak in tongues. Does this mean that I have all of the gifts, no. I have what I call some primary gifts which I bring to the church to help grow and encourage the body of the church, but if I am the only person there when someone needs healing, God still uses me there and then, that’s how I know the power always comes from Him. Prophesy is really just hearing from God, which we should all be able to do to a certain extent, so just because you don’t have the gift of prophecy, doesn’t mean that you‘ll never prophesy. Besides, if you don’t have the gift, there should be someone in your church that does, so ask them to prophesy over people! Also, there is no reason why you can’t give sound biblical advice to someone in need of answers.

As for people looking to fortune tellers for words. Be careful. I have tried to explain why it is a bad idea, so you need to make the call. I do apologise for Christians not being more ‘available’ to give you words, we are also learning, please bear with us. Find a Christian (you know them by their ‘Christian posts’ on facebook :-)) and ask them for the details of a prophet. Get the information from them instead, as then you know where it is coming from.

Please remember that not everyone who claims to be a prophet, or is said to be a prophet, actually is. Whenever you are told anything prophetic by anyone, make sure you pray about it and ask God to reveal it to you again. He will show you again via another prophetic word, in your daily bible reading or in a sermon or message. Most importantly, if what someone says does not fall in line with scripture, it is not right. However, you also need to bear in mind that your interpretation of scripture may not be correct, so be open to hear others interpretations, then go and pray about it and seek God’s answer. He will reveal it to you!

I hope that this has been helpful, I don’t want to upset anyone by this, I just want to put my view forward because I believe that people need to know, please don’t take offence. Constructive comments or questions welcome!

If you would like to know more about this, there is another post entitled, Understanding Prophets (and Fortune Tellers).



11 thoughts on “Difference Between Prophets and Fortune Tellers

  1. Hey Richard, just exploring your blog a little. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a guy named Torben Sondergaard. He’s a neat guy from Denmark who’s got an amazing discipleship and healing ministry. He’s got a site calle lastreformation.com check it out sometime. Anyway, one thing he said echos what you shared here…he asked the question “do you have to have the gift of evangelism to evangelize? of pastor to shepherd heart? of hospitality to be hospitable? Then why do you think you have to have the gift of healing to heal?”…We may not be primarily gifted as you in a particular gift but that does not mean we can not exercise it in degrees.

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  2. I have google’s This question And found you to answer it ..I am a 50 year old gypsy man leaving in a gypsy culture Of no clue of anything .. I am married For 25 years 2 kids boy 26 a Beautiful daughter 22 they was Raise Up in a gypsy church with gypsy pastor s I have grow in the church from being a Child To becoming a man Of god how do I I know this is cause me and my wife grow apart I was changing in front of her wile I was seeing that the Gypsy culture church was in God way .so we grow apart she left with my kids my daughter Savannah Was 11 at the time I was devastated And heartbroken For my kids so I Took the journey to go after them From la to Houston Tx me and my children suffered Very hard for the selfishness of my wife.so wen my daughter Savannah Was 15 she decided To live with me in Dallas’s tx we live in a kitchenette I work as auto body repair man ..my brothers owned a body shop I worked legally And used my gypsy Skills Meany I was a people Person I had a gift With people I could’ve Pull a rabbit Out of a hat don’t know how but all I knew was the love I had for my daughter ..one day I came back from work in to the kitchenette It was a cold and ugly day I was washing my hands And though the Mira I see Savanannah on the bed with her lab top she was on a Psychic line .knowing what I see i asked eny way to see what she says I ask is that what I this that is are telling Fortune she said yes but guilty with a Explanation .i said ok you got the floor I’m listening . She said I’m tired Of seeing my father suffering And his hands being busted For me I know you don’t support Fortuneteller But tell me what are you doing so different then what I’m doing we’re doing it for the same cause .im a man of many words And here I find my self speechless And guilty for the same cause ..I didn’t Realize She was watching me daily Using my people skills To handle life . I was shocked And realize That she had no schooling and didn’t Evan had reading or writing abilities .she educated Her self first and then went in to fortune-telling business On her own that’s wen I realize She had a gift And know she has just entered The world which devastated me Very mutch the right motive but no wisdom about life Very dangerous I said to my self..so said I don’t want to know what you do just don’t play god with enyone..I said shel give it up after she see how hard it can get..wel after a few hard years on my side not here’s the only thing that got harder was my way not here’s she got better at it and wen I Failed She had my back with out disrespecting Here father as a provider she was listening Wen I said don’t play god with the gift that you have .she was 15 know she’s 22 and stil with here dad she has went through a bad relationship A got through it with the lord and her dad beside her We have gone through gypsy churches through the years and found out that there a lie in ther to know she says i wouldn’t Mind leaving fortune-telling business And Mary A Christian boy But why do they lye my Daughter Says can they be adults And have no responsibility Like the lord attendant With the sweat from there bro With out complaining ..so theys is we’re we are at right know with fortune-telling And profits LoL I’m Drained


    1. I didn’t say that fortune telling wasn’t profitable, I was merely saying where the ‘gift’ came from. I don’t care how profitable it is, in my opinion, it is not worth all the money in the world. It must be tough watching your daughter do something like that, I do feel for you. I hope that she sees the truth soon, and makes some changes for the good. She is an adult, and she will make her own decisions, but it must be difficult to see that as a father. I wonder if that is how God feels when it comes to us?


      1. This wasent a Coincidence I know that ..you was listening And thank you for that god new what he’s was doing …some times all it take is for someone to say I understand your pain ..that’s what I say to god know ..💧thank you again 🙏 gn and god bless

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    2. I never stop praying To god for strength And I never stop praying fore Savanannah she deserves Better cause here heart is in the right place ..we’re waiting Upon the Lord

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      1. Will that’s the point out of these story He wanted me to Experience He’s love for me through Savanannah it’s a pain of love and sarrow


  3. Sorry About my grammar I meant fortune-telling and phrofit as in spiritual leaders That miss lead us ..that’s how I got your page I punched in fortune-telling And faults Phrofits ..not profits As in money


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