Judgement Day of Golf

Here is a story for all people out there who consider themselves to be Christians.

Seeing as I’m trying my hand at parables, how about this one. Lets say that you’re a golfer, not a pro but keen, always looking to improve. It’s a lovely Saturday morning and your spouse suggests that you go and play some golf with your friend (not because they are trying to get rid of you but because they are a loving ‘other half’.. honestly). On about the third hole, you realise that your friend is beating you, even though you have putting down to a fine art and they don’t, their driving is so much better than yours because they have a better swing. You shrug it off. Next hole they realise that your swing could improve, so he/she says to you, “Would you like me to show you how to improve your swing?” You fly off the handle, “Who do you think you are judging me? How dare you, walk a mile in my shoes then you can tell me what do do, besides my putting is better than yours and you don’t see me rubbing it in your face!” Let’s stop there. Would you do that? Your friend is trying to help you be a better golfer, which is what you want. Would you tell them off like that or would you listen to what they have to say? If you would tell them off, then you seriously have to ask yourself whether or not you actually take your golf game seriously.

Now, for anyone who says that they would accept the help, why is it different when people come to you in love, and try and help you with your walk with God? Why do people jump down your throat when you try and help them? None of us are perfect. There is room for improvement in all of us, so we really should accept help from people who are not struggling in that area, and then help them in an area that we are strong in and they are not. This way we can all learn, improve and serve God better. Not even to mention how it will help us in our day to day lives. Why do we get so upset about ‘judgement’?

Just in case you think I’m making this up, 1 Corinthians 5:12 is pretty clear, amongst others. 2 Timothy 4:1-5 also makes it difficult to ignore, and then if you combine that with James 4:17, it starts to put you in the wrong for not confronting people. In fact, these scriptures talk about throwing people out of the church! I am merely talking about a little correction.

Let me make a few things clear. This needs to be done in love. We are trying to help people, not humiliate them. It is only for Christians, we are not here to judge non-Christians, we are here to lead them to Christ.

So to wrap it up, when you do ‘judge’ someone in order to help them improve, please do it in love and with respect. In the same regard, when someone approaches you in love and with respect, to help you, please take it as such and learn from it. This will make us all better people, and help us all to grow closer to God.

Keep running the race!



7 thoughts on “Judgement Day of Golf

  1. 1: one should never listen to anyone trying to fix ones golf game on the course

    2: one will only accept feedback and support from people who they trust and love

    3: “I say this in Love” is often the Christian equivalent of “The cheque is in the post”


  2. You’re right Andrew.. I know what you mean by point 1, but seeing as it is only a parable, I’m sure we can let is slide :-).. Point 2 is very important. You are going to be more inclined to listen to ‘advice’ from someone that you love and trust, that is why it is so important for us all to help others. If you don’t help your friend, they may not accept help from someone else.. As for point 3, I have come across that more times than I care to remember, it is a problem.. All I can do is encourage people to be genuine, I can’t force them. All I can say is don’t let the people that say that without meaning it, put you off the one person who genuinely cares about you.

    Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.


  3. It was very nice and interesting to read your blog it reminds me how to approach please concerning the The Fairness of God’s judgment and how to be patient continuance in doing good to seek for glory,honor and eternal life according to Romans 2:(6-8)
    God Bless

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