Gifts Are For Using

Hello everyone and welcome to Friday.. It is at least a Friday when I am writing this. Spiritually, this week has been pretty rough, so I have decided to fight back and give it a bit of a run for its money, and this is how I tend to do it.

I have the gift of prophesy as I have mentioned before, but of late, I have been rather lazy and I haven’t been using it much. This has lead me to decide to use it this weekend, see if there are any people in need of hearing a word from God, or seeing if God has a word for anyone specific. I have also decided to try something new, as if you don’t try anything new, you’ll never learn anything new. I have given loads of prophetic words, but I have never given them to complete strangers over the internet. With the attitude of doing something new, I would really like to stretch myself and do this. So, here is the plan.

If you are reading this, specifically today (Friday 25 October 2013) and would like to hear a word from God, kindly contact me with your name and let me know that you would like one. I guess to do this there are two options: 1. Comment on this post here on the blog, that should give me your email address to reply. Or 2. Comment on the facebook post about this article (there is a link to like the facebook page on the right of this blog) and then I can reply to you on facebook.

All I need to know is your name, how to get hold of you, and that you want a word. Please don’t tell me anything else, especially if you want a word for something specific, the less I know about it the better. This means that anything that I hear from God is not ‘tainted’ by my own thoughts about the situation.

Once I have all the requests, I’ll get words for people this weekend, and let you know what I have heard. You can take these words, pray about them, and see what God tells you about it. If you have any further questions after this, please contact me (on facebook) and I’ll help in any way I can.

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to establish what their gifting is, and then use it! I have been lazy and not used it as much as I could have, I can safely say that I regret it, that is why I am doing something about it.

If I get too many requests it may take longer, but I’ll try and get the words back by the end of this weekend. If you happen to be reading this in the future and have missed the boat, please don’t despair. Send me a message asking me for a word and I’ll try and get one for you, I’m sure I won’t lose the gift after the weekend ;-).

Have a good weekend everyone!



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