Don’t Worry, Be Happy..

Don’t worry, be happy.. Whimsical tune of an irritating song, or words to live by? Don’t worry (Matthew 6:30-33), be happy (John 16:33) is actually a Biblical principal, but is it a passive comment or an active one?

What do I mean by that? Does it mean don’t worry, be happy in the sense that we shouldn’t really worry as it does not help, or is it a command in a sense? Don’t worry, be happy! Both I think. The best way to explain it is to make it personal and tell you how it has influenced me and is influencing me.

I have recently started my own business and I can tell you, that has its share of issues that can easily make people worry. At first I was stressed about starting it. Doing a website, getting on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc. Then getting all of my internal systems up and running. Then making contacts and getting business in. It is all difficult and there are loads of reasons to worry. And that is exactly what I did. Looking back at the time so far I have realised that even though I worried, nothing positive came from that, only negatives. I got eczema on my thumb knuckles (for some reason I get it there when I stress). I constantly put pressure on myself and I was never really happy, although I was doing what I wanted to do. So what was the point of worrying?

I then realised that worrying was a choice. I may have felt forced into it, but I had the choice as to whether I would worry or be happy, it was my decision. Now the main stress with starting my own business was the fact that there was no money coming in from it, and it needed to generate an income. Phillipians 4:19 says, And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.I chose to believe that, I chose not to worry, I chose to be happy. Did my circumstances change straight away? Well not straight away, but I was a much happier person and that came across to clients. That enabled me to start this blog, it enabled me to write work articles and make appointments to meet people. I look at the situation now, and although sales are still thin, I have so many potential sales that if they all came in I would be overworked! I trust that these (and others) will all come in soon!

Now if I look back at the last month or so, I could have used that time worrying, or being happy. Being happy seemed to have had a positive result, but even if worrying would have produced the same result (which I doubt), it would have been time ‘lost’ as I would not have enjoyed it at all.

When you wake up tomorrow and issues start to arise, do you trust God and be happy, or do you worry about them?

Be happy!



6 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy..

  1. There it is — worrying is a choice! It makes a difference not only with worrying but everything — can I do anything about this? Most of the time it’s no. So my response is going to be key — steady learning and growing. Thanks for the post. Enjoyed it and welcome!


  2. I TRY not to worry because worry leads to stress, which leads to illnesses – a subtle way of the enemy de-railing us from fulfilling our purpose in Christ. I am glad you stopped worrying! About the business, it’s all a learning curve. I am in the process of starting something too, without a cent (dime) to back it up but I believe that God WILL supply; his promises never fail. I wish you God’s favour in your business. BTW, what’s your name?


    1. Thanks for sharing.. I also try not to worry, it takes a daily effort, but I’m getting better. I have not tasted success yet with the business, but I trust that it will be here soon. I wish you all the best for your business. My name is Richard Sumner, I found your google+ link on your blog and I have added you to my circles.


  3. I stopped in right on time…

    Earlier, I was thanking God for the career path he has placed me on. My choice? No. It’s His choice for my life but I’ve accepted the challenge. Starting and managing your own business is a huge responsibility. I think it’s an honor for God to select certain one’s with the privilege to do so.

    Often, I remind myself that the blueprint for my business has been already laid out for me, I just have to trust the leading of Holy Spirit.

    Often, I feel not qualified to do the task but I’m reminded I have Holy Spirit to teach me whatever I need. Worrying doesn’t add anything to my life but heavy weights. Immediately, when it sneaks up on me I cast it down and focus back on God’s promises.


    1. I agree with all that you have said except one word. No. I believe it should be yes. God may well have called us to start our own businesses, but we have decided to follow that path set, we do have the choice. The fact that we have chosen the path He wants, shows obedience and faith, but it was our choice. We have the choice, the question is will we listen to Him when making our choices. Thanks for the post, it reminds us that we can always rely on and trust Him. No need to worry!


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