I Believe in Angels?

I got a notification from my Twitter account to inform me that various people that I follow have followed another woman who has a very interesting, yet disturbing website. Being a curious person, I clicked on it to have a look at what the 81 606 Twitter followers were so interested in, and I was shocked.

I am not going to mention the name of the website here, but it was all about angels and ‘angel readings’. Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe in angels, but not in the context of what people here were saying. They follow, worship and rely on angels instead of God. They have angel tarot cards, and believe that the angels lead and guide people, and the only way to success is to follow your angel. The person claims to have had a ‘Christian upbringing’ but they are now not as they have realised that they are more interested in the angels. They did however give credit to God for sending the angels.

Now first of all let’s get things into perspective, God does want to communicate with us, but that is one of the reasons why we have Holy Spirit here (they also referred to Him in the first person). God may well send an angel to come and give us a message, and they may well protect us, but they get all of their orders from God. They can’t do anything without Him saying so. Holy Spirit is God, so we can go straight to the top and talk to the boss, why put your faith in the servants? Yes, angels are God’s servants, in fact they are lower down the command chain than we are, the Bible says that we are joint heirs to the throne (Romans 8:17) and angels are only servants (Hebrews 1:14)! I have no issue with them at all, and I am not showing them in a bad light at all, but they are not worthy to be praised. If an angel did speak to the person who heads this website, they would tell them to believe in God and not them,so if the angels don’t say this then are they really angels?

When asked about demons or fallen angels, this person said that they are only a figment of our imagination created by fear and that we needn’t worry about them. That is the devil’s best trick, to try and convince us that he doesn’t exist. They gave credit for all good things to angels, and if so, where does all of the evil come from if not demons?

The other issue I would like to raise here is the phrase ‘Christian upbringing’. May I be so bold to say that there is no such thing. Yes, you read right, no such thing. Let me explain. I was brought up by Christian parents, in a house where we learned about Jesus, we were dragged off to Sunday School and encouraged to take part in church activities. I later accepted Jesus as my saviour and was saved. I was then a Christian. Before I was not. I may have had a suitable upbringing where I was more free (or even somewhat encouraged) to accept Christ, but I was not a Christian until I accepted what He did for me.

Now once again, I don’t blame these people, like I said in a previous post (Difference between prophets and fortune-tellers). They are doing what they feel is correct and right, even though they have got it totally messed up. We as Christians need to find out what our gifts are and get cracking using them, only this way will people see what God is all about and believe. Two reasons that this person gave for following angels was that you saw miraculous results and not just boring teaching, and that the people who hear the angels have real abilities. Miraculous and real abilities. That is exactly what we as Christians have but never seem to use. We know the truth, we have the power, we have Holy Spirit on our side and in us, yet the ‘angel followers’ have more of an effect than we do. How sad is that?

So after that mini-rant and on that upsetting note, let me encourage all of us to get moving. Find out what it is that God has gifted us with and use it. Let’s get out there and make a difference, whether it be with prophecy, healing, teaching, discernment or any other gift, just do it! If we all did this, we’d have 80 606 (if not many more) people following Jesus instead of angels.

In His strength.



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