Sinful Excuses

The devil made me do it.. My sinful nature got the better of me.. It takes time to sort out your life after you become a Christian.. I am weak.. It is an old habit that needs to be broken.. These are all excuses for sinning. They are all excuses that I have heard, and I have used most of them too. That is all they are though, excuses, nothing more. They are also lies, told to us so that we have a ‘reason’ to sin and not change.

Read Romans 6. This is pretty clear. Once we have been born again, our old sinful self is dead. We are now a new creation. Romans 6 (and later chapters) explain that we are a slave to our sinful nature before we are saved, but afterwards we are a ‘slave’ to the Holy Spirit. We no longer have to sin, we can (and must) choose to follow God’s way and not our sinful desires. People often refer to themselves as free because they can do whatever they want, and they say that I am not free as I have to follow God. I see it as the other way around. People who do not follow God, and are not saved, are slaves to sin – they have no option but to sin. I can walk away from sin and say, “No thanks”.

Let’s have a look at those comments. The devil made me do it. He can try and get us to do things, he can’t make us. Why don’t you just say “no”? My sinful nature got the better of me. Why? Why are you giving into it? You are a new creation, no longer a slave to sin, choose a better way. It takes time to sort out your life after you become a Christian. Romans 6 doesn’t seem to think so, it draws a clear line between the two. Yes, old habits may die hard, but as soon as you accept Jesus, you have the power to stop sinning. Use it. I am weak. That is not what Philippians 4:13 says. It is an old habit that needs to be broken. It has been broken, let it go.

Is this easy? No, but with help from Holy Spirit ,it is possible. As soon as you become a Christian, you are no longer a slave to sin, but you can turn away from it. That is repentance. Being sorry for what you have done is one thing, but God calls for repentance. Repentance is changing your ways, turning away from sin. You can and must do this. Your salvation is secure, but living in sin will drag you away from God and you will be ineffective as a Christian. Salt that has lost its saltiness.

The reason why I write this blog is because I want to see everyone achieve what they are capable of achieving. I want everyone to experience the life with God that they desire and for which they were created. This is one of those steps that will help you achieve that. Living a sinless life may have been stuffed down our throats by ‘religious’ groups, but it is vital to our relationship with God. Yes, I do believe in the grace of God, but sin does nothing but build barriers between you and God, so best get rid of it all!



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