Real Deal

I have posted a quite a few posts since I started this blog, some articles have been quite bold and made me sound quite confident. I have been fortunate that my blog has been read in over 20 countries, all over the world. 20 years ago, if you wanted to minister to people all over the world, it would take months of travelling, but now you can do it from your sofa! I have the benefit of editing my blogs so that you only see what I want you to see, and often I write them in hindsight. It is always easier in hindsight. So today I have decided to let you in on the real deal. Not that the other posts are a lie, they are not, but this is happening here and now.

I believe that God wants what is best for us. I believe that John 10:10 should be read as it is written, and God wants to see us blessed. I believe that good things come from God, and bad things don’t. You may say that that is a fairly simple view and there is more to it than that. Possibly, but that is what I believe, that is my view.

The issue is that when we realise what God has got planned for us, but we are not there yet, it takes a while to get to that place. This is the time when the devil has a go and tries to stop us. It sounds simple to overcome as if God has promised it, why would it not happen? Would God give up on us? No, He wouldn’t, and if He said it will happen – it will happen! That doesn’t stop the devil from trying to convince us otherwise. This is the place where I am at the moment. Yes, I write these blog posts, and yes I believe what I write. That doesn’t make it easy though. I also have doubts, I also fight on a daily basis to follow God and to chose His ways, I also come under attack and have to deal with it. It is not easy, but I believe that it will be worth it. John 10:10 and other similar verses that we love to quote to keep us motivated, but the Bible is full of promises to God’s people, and they all apply to me. I hold onto that.

So what have I told you this? Do I want support and prayer? Well yes, I will never say no to prayer, but the main reason is to help you if you are struggling too. If you read these blogs and say, “Wow, I wish I could have everything sorted out like this guy” You are not alone. I think the same. In fact sometimes when I am doubting, my wife (and friends) will refer me to my own blog! Cheeky, but true. I know the answers, as most of us probably do, but we tend to forget when we are under attack. What I have learned from the military (I wasn’t in it, but I watch movies) is that they train so much, so when they are in battle they don’t think, they just do what they are trained to do. I was challenged today to do the same. Spend time with God, pray in tongues, every day, as much as you can. This way, when the attack comes, you are prepared. Jesus didn’t pray when something happened, He went up the mountain and prayed so that when something happened, He was ready. He just took action as He was already prepared.

This is now what I am doing. I will receive the blessings that God has promised to me, the devil will not defeat me. I may be struggling a bit at the moment, but I know that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and I will succeed. I believe in this God that I serve. I believe in His Word. I would like to encourage anyone else who is struggling to walk in the life that they are called to. Believe whole heartedly. Join me in having faith in an amazing God, let’s lift each other up in prayer and stand together! And remember, we are not called to defend against the devil, we are here to take ground. We are winning this battle, not him.




7 thoughts on “Real Deal

  1. Thank you very much for this encouraging message. This is a very timely word for me. I’m in a tough spot right now and nothing cheers me up like meditating on the promises God has given me. You’re absolutely correct, we are winning this battle, not the devil. Thank you!


    1. It was my pleasure Leah. It was not easy to write, but I am glad I did. So often we don’t want to admit that we are struggling because we think it belittles God, but even though we struggle God is faithful. That does anything but belittle Him. Thanks for your post, I have put you in my Google+ circles!


      1. I know what you mean. I’m very often tempted to lie and tell people all is well when it’s not, like I’m trying to save God’s reputation. But your right, His faithfulness is even more evident in the struggles. Thanks for the Google + follow!


  2. Thank you for your words on John 10:10. Yes, Jesus Christ came to us so we could have the life that Satan robs or tries to rob. Jesus Christ is the giver of life and Satan wants to rob our life. We don’t have to let Satan rob our life because, as you know, our Advocate will not let Satan condemn us. The condemnation of Satan only sticks when we fail to realize that our High Priest is withing the temple of our bodies. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus but there certainly is condemnation from Satan. Thanks for your insight that inspire me to further thought on the subject.


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