Let It Be..

This blog post is a difficult one for me, as it is a very personal story, and it is fairly fresh, so it is still a sensitive issue. I am not sharing it because I want everyone to see how wonderful I am, I am sharing it because I think that there are many people out there who could benefit from taking similar action. The last job that I was at, before I started my own business, was for a company that was run by a less than honest person and, to cut a long story short, they short paid me 2 months salary. Fortunately we had money in the bank to cover this, but that money was earmarked for a car, which we now have not been able to go and buy. Being the responsible people that my wife and I are, we decided to keep that money in the bank for now, as starting a business can be unstable, and we need that money to help us until the income stabilises.

I went the legal route, and the courts ruled in my favour (without a court date) as I was owed that money, but the sheriffs have been unable to get my money from these people. They have pleaded bankruptcy, yet are still living a comfortable life, with their children at a private school! This obviously made me upset as every time I get on the bus, it reminds me that I should have had a car if they had paid me. It was getting to me. It was eating away at me, making me bitter.

This is when I decided to let it go. There is no shortage of scripture telling us to forgive, but it is really difficult when we are in the right and someone has blatantly stolen from us. I am starting my own business, and I believe wholeheartedly that God will bless my business. I can’t afford always to be looking back at something that could have been. I also realised that I trust God for my money, not my old boss. God will provide, my old boss won’t. So I decided to hand it over to God, let Him deal with my old boss, and put my need for a car in His hands and see how He provides! The only problem was that this involves me forgiving my old boss. This was really hard. Really hard.

When I said the words, “Lord, I forgive him for what he has done”, it was difficult to get them out, but when they were out it was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders! It is now in God’s hands and I am excited to see what He does with it! I am pushing forward with my own business and the future is looking good.

I would like to encourage everyone out there to forgive those who have wronged you, even if they were blatantly to blame. Give it over to God, let Him deal with them, and put your needs into His hands. Besides, who is more likely to provide, the God who created the universe, or someone who has already wronged you? I know it is not easy, believe me, but it is so helpful. Remember, if you want to take hold of what God has for you, you first have to let go of what you are holding on to.

Keep up the good work.



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