Switch Them Around

The other night I was wrestling with God about some stuff, about some things in my life that are not going quite how they should be. Standing on the promises of God is not an easy thing when the devil gets into your head and tries to convince you that those promises from God are not true. I brought these concerns to God and, when I was finally silent and listening for His voice, He shared something with me that I wish to share with all of you, as I believe that it could help more people than just myself.

This is what God revealed to me. We as Christians often try and take the responsibility onto ourselves, when we should leave it to God. We take on things that we think that we can handle, like earning an income, running a business, raising children, dealing with relationships with friends and family. All of the day to day things. I don’t know why we take responsibility of these instead of handing them over to God, maybe we think we can do a better job, maybe we don’t want to hassle God, I don’t know. I am not suggesting that we sit and wait for God to do stuff, I mean handing over the worry and stress of handling the situation to God. Whatever the reasons for not giving these things over to God, they don’t make sense. If we think that God can’t handle them, we are wrong, and if we think that we are hassling God, we are just as wrong. We really have no reason not to hand them over, so why is it so hard?

The other half of the coin is things that we can’t handle. Things like spiritual revival, healing the sick, preaching the word, equipping Christians, etc. We often see these things as too large for us to handle, so we sit back and hand these over to God, not doing a thing other than praying and waiting. ‘We are weak but He is strong’ taken to the detrimental extreme.

God’s question to me was the following, “Why don’t you switch the two categories around?” Simple, yet food for thought. You see, if we switch them around, it brings twice as much glory to God! Allow me to explain. If we hand the day to day stuff over to God (which is easier said than done), God will have the glory in that. He will be able to be involved in everything that we do and, let’s be honest, He’ll be able to handle it much better than we ever will. Also, we’ll be better off without the stress, and reaping the rewards for what God does. Imagine God on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and we get the prizes! Win-win, I reckon. When it comes to the big ‘Christian’ things which we usually leave for God, if we took them on (in His strength), He would get the glory for that too, because there is no way we could do that on our own. We would then be so blessed because we were involved in God’s awesome plan. What could be better than that?

You see if we switch those two categories around, God gets twice the glory, we’ll be better off and less stressed, and we’ll get to be part of God’s amazing plan! Win, win, win! So, then, why is it so difficult to do this? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that even with the best intentions, we often slip back to ‘default’ mode of taking on the small things and leaving the big stuff to God. If only we could get it right (and I include myself here too), we would be so much better off!

I am on a mission to get this right, and I encourage all of you to join me. It is not going to be easy, and it is going to take a daily effort, but let’s give it a go. Hand the day to day struggles over to God and ask Him what big, seemingly impossible, plan He has for you. Remember that the Bible says that God’s yolk (what He calls you to do) is light, it won’t stress us out.

Whatever we do, let’s give it over to God and do it in Christ!



One thought on “Switch Them Around

  1. What a timely message. Trading the seemingly small stuff ( which is way more personal) for the Great Commission. Great thoughts here!


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