Degrees of Sin

I have seen various blog post commenting on sin, which is fair enough, yet I have not found one where I can say, yes, I agree with that! They all have angles and certain sins that they pick on, or more disturbingly, try and justify. I know that it is a contentious issue, and that it is very difficult (dare I say impossible) to get it spot on, but I will try to get my view across here.

There are a few contentious issues around whether certain actions are in fact sins, is it a sin to be gay, rich, a woman in ministry or judgemental? You’ll probably get all sorts of people picking certain ones out of here as a sin and others not. You may even get people saying that they all are or none are. What we believe is not really the issue here, the issue is why, and what are we doing about it. Let me explain.

If you read my blog post ‘Judgement Day of Golf‘, you’ll see that ‘judging’ people is not meant to be a condemning act, but rather to help us all improve our relationship with God. I’m not going to re-write the other blog post, so if you have an issue with this comment or don’t understand what I mean, read the other post. Now you have various people picking on various sins. Then you have other people using the fact that those people pick on various sins and not others, in order to try and justify the ‘picked on’ sin. It is becoming a bit of a joke, and a really efficient distraction for us when we really should be looking at it from another perspective. Jesus taught using the cunning use of parables, so I have too. Here is another one.

Picture a football (soccer) team. Now for all of my friends around the world, feel free to substitute your favourite sport instead, just understand what I am getting at. The defenders practise heading the ball, clearances, marking, tackling etc. While the strikers practise shooting, penalties, free kicks etc. Which training exercise is most important? There may well be exercises that are deemed more important than others by certain players or even the coach. However the left back, who may never take a penalty in his life, may be called up to take one in the Champions League final. Trust me, you will want him to get it right. You’ll wish that when he was asked to practise it a week before, he didn’t say, “No thanks, I don’t need to worry about that”.

So what do I mean by this? Simple. We Christians can’t afford to disregard any sin. There is a reason why the Bible says that all sins are equal, it is because God knew that we would pick and choose. Unfortunately people see others pointing sin out as judgemental, and our first response is, “Yes, but what about your sin?” Now first of all we shouldn’t be picking on certain sins over others, but when your ‘pet sin’ comes up, deal with it, don’t try and shift the attention. I think that we see it as someone trying to show how sinful we are. If we honestly saw it as someone trying to help us, we wouldn’t get so defensive. Unfortunately, people don’t often point it out in love, and if they do, others don’t receive it as such. This means that we all run around pointing other people’s sins out, while trying to avoid ours coming to light. How sad. Imagine if we all dealt with ours, how much better off we’d all be!

If we truly want to walk with God and be productive Christians, we need to root ALL sin out of our lives. Now I know that this is impossible, however, we need to strive for it. Not because we will be condemned if we don’t, because we won’t. Because it is not pleasing to God, so I for one don’t want it in my life. So if I may be so bold as to ask everyone to stop picking on certain sins, but get rid of ALL of them. And when someone ‘picks’ on a sin that you may struggle with (or justify), try and ask God if He wants to talk to you about it before just retaliating. Even if someone is rude or has a go at us, even if they are wrong. If we still use that to improve our relationship with God, we will be the winners! As for those ‘sins’ that we don’t think are sins, again, ask God what He thinks and what He would like to tell you. You may be surprised.

I hope that this helps you.

Always improving.



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