What Comes to Mind When I Say Exercise?

So, what does come to mind when I say exercise? For me it would largely have been negative images, even now, although some positive images are creeping in. I have started doing some fitness videos that are on Youtube, which are quite intense. That is what I think, anyway. My wife on the other hand puts me to shame, she does the full hour (three 20 minute videos) whereas I only do one of the 20 minute workouts! She has even done this workout after returning from a run, usually around 8 miles! I do a 20 minute workout and I can hardly walk up or down the stairs! Why is that?

You see, my wife is fit. She has been doing this exercise for a while, she has built her fitness level up slowly, and she is now very fit and can handle extreme exercise. She even enjoys some of it. I, on the other hand, have only started recently. I have not built my fitness level up yet, so I can’t handle as much exercise as she can, I find it a strain. I am still at the stage where I know that it is good for me, and that is why I do it, I don’t really enjoy it yet. I only see minor results so far, as I have not done enough to see major results. I need to do a lot more exercise, and more regularly, in order to see major results. I do realise that the more exercise I do, the easier it becomes and the more I actually enjoy it!

So, is this blog about exercise or God? I think that we can learn much about reading our Bible as we can from the above story about exercise. At first it is difficult to read your Bible, it seems like hard work, and it is difficult to get into it. It is an important discipline to get into, but at first it seems more hassle than what it is worth. Just as we do with exercise, we need to remember why we are reading the Bible. We want to become spiritually fit, build some spiritual muscle! This needs to keep us motivated when we start to read our Bible. We may not see results straight away, but it is very important to carry on reading it, as often as possible. The more we read it, the fitter we get. We will soon get to the point where we not only enjoy it, but we will actually miss it when we don’t read it.

Listening to sermons, reading blogs and watching the God Channel is all good, but nothing is a substitute for reading the Bible. I have learned so many things in my life that contradict what the Bible says and, if I hadn’t read the Bible, I would never have known to disregard what I had been told. If you’re not sure why it is important, read my post entitled ‘Keep Knitting, Just Follow the Pattern’, that should explain.

I have not been reading the Bible as much as I should have, not even close. I am not going to pretend that I am a super-Christian when I am not. I have challenged myself and my wife to spend more time praying and reading the Word. This can only make us stronger and spiritually more fit. That is what it is all about. We realise that God is calling us into some very exciting ministries, so the fitter we are spiritually, the better. We need to know what the scriptures say about us and other situations, so that when we face them, we know the truth. Satan’s tried and tested method of attacking Christians is to try and twist scripture to confuse us and, trust me, he is still doing that today! This is why it is so important to read the Bible for ourselves, and understand it, rather than just accepting what others tell us, however godly they may be!

Here is the challenge. Why don’t you join us in reading the Bible and praying more. When I say praying, I mean giving God thanks and glory, not just rattling off a bunch of prayer requests! Spend more time reading the Bible, get an app on your phone, get it on your kindle, I don’t care, just get it and READ IT!

Read the Bible and be blessed!



2 thoughts on “What Comes to Mind When I Say Exercise?

  1. Great post! My husband and I are doing a reading plan on YouVersion together this year. I’m amazed that we’ve actually stuck with it for over a month. He’s amazed by how much we’re learning in this little amount of time each day in comparison to all the time we’ve spend in Sunday school and church services over the years.

    There is no substitution for studying God’s word.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement Carrie Ann Tripp! I have also been referred to Joshua 1:8 which says, “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.” Now I know that God was talking to Joshua here, but it just shows how important reading scripture is! Thanks for your comment.


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