Fingers Crossed

Before I get into this post, I have to warn you that it may turn into a bit of a rant, not because of anger but frustration. Sayings like the title of this post really irritate me because they make no sense and they can actually be detrimental. You’ll hear sayings like ‘fingers crossed’, ‘touch wood’, ‘sending happy thoughts’ and even more common ones like ‘good luck’, but are they helpful or harmful? I’ll try and explain.

I know people who refuse to believe in the gospel because they say that it is far fetched, or unbelievable. Some people even say that it is just a story, or it is fictional nonsense that just couldn’t be true. Those same people will then cross their fingers when they want something to happen, and they take this very seriously too. I have seen people get into a state of panic just because they said ‘touch wood’ and they couldn’t find some wood to knock. They were beside themselves that something bad would happen. People won’t go to see someone who has a prophetic gift because they are ‘weird’ or ‘fake’, yet they will rush to see a fortune teller or read the horoscopes. (if you want to see the difference between a prophet and a fortune teller click here)

These people are usually non-believers who don’t want to believe in the Gospel, yet they believe in these silly things. Now this is up to them, I won’t tell someone that they shouldn’t believe something and should believe something else, I just find it strange. The God who created the universe (although that is disputed) wants a relationship with you, and he will give you gifts beyond your understanding so that you can be blessed when you bless others! No thanks, I’d rather cross my fingers.. Sounds crazy but people do this. Each to their own. Having said this, we as believers may need to think about this, could we be partly to blame? Some people will reject the gospel because they are just anti it, I come across these people often, but are we maybe being bad representatives for Jesus? Could we be pushing some folk away from Christ by what we do or don’t do? I’ll leave that for another post.

When believers say these silly sayings, that concerns me more. Why do we say things like ‘good luck’? What is luck? Do we not believe in prayer? Do we not believe that God has a plan? Do we not believe that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength? Then why are we wishing someone ‘good luck’? You see all of the sayings that I mentioned at the beginning have positive connotations, none of them sound evil, most people would be happy to hear someone say any of them as they sound good. Are they? What does it say to someone when we say these things, most people won’t think twice, but does it bring glory to God? Take a look at an earlier post, ‘Mind Your Tongue‘, what we say is very important. When we give glory to God and put our trust in Him, then wish someone ‘good luck’, that is confusing to others and in fact ourselves. We don’t realise what we are doing, but we’re speaking rubbish over ourselves and others.

Now I know some of you will think that I am over reacting, and maybe I am, but I don’t see how this brings glory to God. I also see this as a lie, because it doesn’t line up with what we believe from the Bible, so why do we say it? It may be harmless, but I don’t think it is, I think it is more serious than what most people do. I don’t want to point fingers at anyone, I just wish to draw this to everyone’s attention. Go away and pray about it, ask God if this is something that you need to change about the way you speak. You may be surprised by the results.

All glory to God!



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