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Walk Upon the Waters

Today was one of those days when God really spoke to me, but not just as He usually does, this time He spoke right into the problem. He spoke right into the hurt. So much so in fact, that I nearly started crying in church. Now I am 6 foot 4 and an ex-rugby player, but something emotional happens when the Living God speaks right into your life about something that you are struggling with. There is something encouraging about hearing His voice when you feel like you’re out there all alone.

If you have been reading my blog of late, you would have realised that I have been struggling with a few things, and it is kind of ironic that this ministry is called Walking on Water Ministry, yet in the last few weeks I have felt more like I have been sinking in the water than walking on it. The only thing left to do, as Peter discovered, was to cry out to God for help. So that is what I did. Now today it was like God had answered me and encouraged me. He did this not only through the sermon, but mainly through a song, and what is more, through a Hillsong song. Now just to let you in the loop, I’m not really a Hillsong fan. Not because I don’t agree with them, just because I’m not usually a fan of the music that they write, I’m more of a Chris Tomlin or Vineyard kind of guy. Anyhow, I have a blog post coming up where I talk about worship music, but I have pushed it and some other posts back to fit this one in, as I feel that this needs to be said today.

The song which spoke to me was called Oceans (by Hillsong) and the lyrics are:

You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now

So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Saviour

I will call upon Your Name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Here is the video, take the time to watch it. Step out of the boat and join me on the waters as we follow Jesus together!




Shine the Light

I have posted quite a few rather personal blog posts since I started this blog, and I have had some people comment on the fact that I post such personal details. I have also been thanked by people for posting personal stuff, as they were struggling with similar things and what I had to say encouraged them. This is exactly why I share personal stories. Luke 11:33-36 says, “No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house. “Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light. But when it is bad, your body is filled with darkness. Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness. If you are filled with light, with no dark corners, then your whole life will be radiant, as though a floodlight were filling you with light.”

Now I know that this verse may not fit exactly with what I am saying, but I want my life to be filled with the light. I don’t want areas of darkness. The times when I find that I ‘create’ areas of darkness is when I stop listening to God and start listening to the demons and their lies. This causes doubt, fear and low self esteem and, I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care for any of those. There are many things I do that I am happy to be doing; many times when I get to minister or pray with people. Most of my life is in the light and is placed on the stand. There are, however, two issues that I am addressing. The light which I hide away, and the darkness that I ignore.

The light which I hide away is easily solved – bring it out and put it on a stand. This is what my blog is, it’s a stand. I’ve been fortunate enough to have people from 48 different countries reading my blog, and the country which represents the most views is one I’ve never even visited! This blog is a place where I can put the light, so that it is visible for all to see. All the work that God does in my life can now bear fruit in others lives as well. This was my intention all along. Most people who have blogs have the same incentives, so I am not unique here, but I may be when it comes the showing the darkness.

Showing the darkness is much more personal and scary but, possibly, more rewarding. Let me just clarify – I don’t mean sharing darkness as in promoting it, I mean overcoming it and sharing how that was possible, in order to help others do the same. You see, bringing the darkness into the light will cause the darkness to disappear. It doesn’t matter how dark a place is, when light is introduced, the darkness doesn’t stand a chance. Have a think about the more common sins that never reach the light of day. Pornography, cheating, gossip, abuse… they all seem to happen in the shadows. No Christian would go out to church advertising that they are addicted to porn. If everyone could see you cheat, you wouldn’t. If you knew everyone would know what you said, you wouldn’t gossip. If everyone knew that a husband was beating his wife, would he be so quick to do so? You see, sin is happy in the darkness. It does not like the light. It can’t survive in the light.

What I shared in a previous post was hardly the sin of the year, but it was the work of the devil and his minions, and it could have blown up if I had allowed it. Me sharing it, and how I overcame it (well, overcoming – it is a process), brings it into the light. This serves a few purposes. It takes the sting out of the attack in my life. Now that it is in the light, it can’t condemn me or try to bring me down because I have declared the truth and it is out in the open, the darkness can’t survive. It helps others overcome their issues and puts the things they are facing in context with who God is and what He can do, it helps them overcome their darkness. It gives the devil one less option when trying to put us down. Bringing light into the darkness to expose the sin is difficult. We feel the shame when we do that, but the shame is from the devil, not God. God wants us to shine the light on the sin so that He can deal with it, the sin wants to stay in the darkness where it can slowly destroy you.

The more light you let into your life, the less place the darkness has to hide. Putting your light on the stand helps others to do the same. This is what I am doing, and what I encourage others to do too.

Shine your light people, shine your light!


Not How it First Appears

I experienced an interesting event in the last few days, which I would like to share. It is confidential, so I won’t mention any names or the actual condition involved, but I will try and explain the lesson learned without spilling the beans. If it doesn’t make sense please just bear with me and I’ll try to explain as comprehensively as I can.

Someone (let’s call her Jane) had a condition that caused internal issues, as well as some external ones, but the only visible ones were internal. Which meant that we could pray for her, but we couldn’t see any change unless she went to the doctor for a scan. Now, one of the indicators that she had this condition were some internal scars which were visible on the scan, so this is how the doctor first diagnosed the problem. She was told that this condition vary rarely goes away and will probably just cause more damage and side effects. The other side effects being the more dangerous problems and causing the external problems. I know this must be confusing not knowing what is going on, but it gets easier.

Now it came time to pray. As I have mentioned in other posts, I don’t pray for illness, I speak to the illness and command it to leave – as modelled by Jesus and the disciples. The day in question I was particularly fired up and I wasn’t taking no for an answer, so I actually ended up shouting at the condition and commanding it to leave in Jesus’ name! Jane said that she felt some weird feelings in the area where the condition was most concentrated, so we trusted that God had healed her, but we could not confirm it until she went for a scan. That scan happened this week.

She went for the scan, and the first bit of information I received was that the internal scars were still there. I breathed a disappointed sigh. She then asked me why I was disappointed and proceeded to tell me the rest of the news. The other side effects that the doctor had said would happen, did not. The other news was that there didn’t appear to be any more scars. This means that the scars that were there (3 years ago) that were caused by the condition were still there. No new scars, no further damage, no new damage, no other side effects. In fact, other than the old scars, they could not find anything else (internally) wrong with her! Now even though the doctors see the scars and say that the condition may still be there (because they don’t see how it could have just gone), the fact that there is no new damage, I believe that the condition has in fact gone!

Now I thought about this and wondered why God would do a miracle and not remove the scars? Why do something 99% and not go all the way? I came up with two possible solutions, although there may well be others. Firstly, the condition was the problem, not the scars. If you have a pacemaker put in, are you more worried about the dodgy heart and pacemaker, or the scar on your chest? You see the scars may serve as a reminder of what happened, but it is also a reminder of what God has done! I’m not saying that He left them there on purpose, but He didn’t really need to remove them, the person is fine now, and that is all that matters. The other possibility I came up with is a far more simple and logical one. I didn’t command the scars to go, I commanded the condition to go. The condition went and the scars didn’t. Maybe it is just that simple.

Either way, I have learned a few things. Pray and command specifics, don’t underestimate God, and always look for the good as opposed to assuming that nothing has happened when you hear the first bit of news!

One day I will be able to tell you the whole story.

All glory to God!


Crisis of Faith

Most of you who follow my blog will know that I usually post 2 posts per week, one on the Sunday and one on the Wednesday. I also usually write blog posts in advance, so you only see them a week or two after I write them, well this one is brand new. I didn’t post yesterday as I was not really in a good place emotionally or spiritually and I felt like I would be a hypocrite if I posted something that I wasn’t necessarily believing at the time. My wife even said that she was concerned about me as she had never seen me so upset. So what was wrong? You’d think by the sounds of this that it was an absolute disaster, but it wasn’t. Well it is if you let it be, but it isn’t really. Let me explain.

I started a company a year ago, which creates custom spreadsheets and business software, all in Microsoft Excel. This means that the business software can be created for a fraction of the price of programmed software and is easy to use like a spreadsheet. The reason why I started this company is that I love using Excel and I am really good at it. I have helped so many companies that I have worked for in the past by using it, that I thought that I would use it professionally to help others too. It was also a dream of mine to have my own business, because that meant that I could be flexible with my time, so when mission trips came up I could sign up!

Now I have always lacked self-confidence, so starting this business was a huge step for me. It took just about all the courage and faith that I had, along with lots of prayers and trying to hear God’s will in all of this. I was encouraged by various people, and there were loads of events that happened that seemed to ‘guide’ me to making the decision to go full time into the business. I checked it against scripture, discussed it with my wife, and it all seemed to be the right decision. I took the plunge.

One year later, I now know how hard it is to start a business from scratch. It has taken me a year to build up some contacts, to get my name out there and to finally see some things happening. Unfortunately the business (money) is not coming in as it needs to, and this has been playing on my mind. I want to provide for my wife and she is out working while I am trying to get this going. Now the thing is that she doesn’t mind, she has been so supportive and wonderful and she has never moaned about anything, but encouraged me when I have gotten frustrated, but it is still playing on my mind. After chatting to a friend of mine about it, he suggested that I learn a programming language as well as being an Excel expert. He said that this will widen my field of expertise and it will create some contract work opportunities for me to supplement my income while trying to grow the business. He also said that most companies are moving away from Excel for programmed software, and that my opportunities will probably start shrinking rather than growing. Now this friend of mine is a really good guy, and I value what he says, and he would NEVER say anything to discourage me. He said this only to encourage me to expand my opportunities. However, this is what my mind started saying:

Your business will fail. You haven’t got the right expertise. You can’t earn sufficient income. You’re letting your wife down. You’re a failure. You have no future. You won’t be able to go on mission trips. How do you expect to help others when you can’t help yourself? Once a failure always a failure. You have disappointed your family and friends. God doesn’t care. God doesn’t love you. God wanted you to fail. – Now if you look at this paragraph, you can see why I was so upset. It wasn’t because of the actual situation, but rather because of what the demons were telling me the situation meant. None of this is true though. I should have known this. I have taught on this. I am so thankful that there is no condemnation for those of us in Jesus!

I picked up my bible and opened it to where I had left off, which was right at the end of Galatians, but it opened instead to 1 Peter (which was odd because I had a bookmark in Galatians). Now I am not a fan of opening the Bible to a random spot and just reading, but I had asked God to talk to me and reassure me, and maybe He was doing just that. I read the whole of 1 Peter. Now I’m not going to list all of the scripture here that had an impact on me, because there is too much. God told me the following. He loved me. He died for me. He is proud of me. God is protecting me. God cares about me and He wants me to give Him my cares and worries. There will be trials but He will restore, support and strengthen me. We have the power to stand against the devil. There is an inheritance for us in heaven and we will share in God’s glory. AMEN!

How much does that differ from what I was thinking? Couldn’t be more different. I am now trying to get some contract work, I am also still pushing for business and looking for a full time job. The difference is that I am excited to see where God takes me next. He is in control and I trust Him. Not in my abilities or the economy or what others may perceive as the truth. Yes I still want the business to succeed, but maybe I need to take a different route to achieve that. I have put it in God’s hands.

If any of you have any prophetic words for me, please contact me via Google+ or send me an email. Otherwise I would appreciate any prayer support as I try and figure out what God has in store for my business, myself and my family.

Always in Him.


Process of Freedom

In the last church service we had a visiting preacher who spoke about some things that were very close to my heart. Amongst other things, he spoke about the fact that we can be bound by evil; the fact that we can find ourselves incapable of breaking free of those ties unless we are set free by Jesus – whether it be alcoholism, a negative attitude or any other thing that prevents us from being the person God has called us to be. This is all true, but it does bring up some interesting questions, and I would guess that people will be divided on this issue.

You will get one group of people who would say that it is all about Jesus. We were bound by sin, but then Jesus came and died for us, so we are now free from sin. You’ll get the second group who will say that it is down to us and the decisions that we make. They’ll say that God won’t allow us to be tempted beyond what we can resist, and it is our responsibility to resist. You’ll have a third group saying that we (as Christians) are told to deliver people from demonic strongholds (cast out demons), and that we should exercise that responsibility in order to see people get set free. If you ask me which group I agree with, my answer will be… all three!

You see, it is often not a simple solution. In fact, I don’t think there is a solution that can be applied to all situations, but there is a good starting point. I have had the privilege of praying for many people and I also don’t shy away from using my spiritual authority, but it needs to be used with wisdom. The conclusion that I have come up with, is that all three of the ideas presented above play a role in seeing someone set free. I will show you why I think this and what I believe needs to be done to see that someone is set free from these strongholds.

Firstly, we do have the authority to cast out demons, but we need to remember that we don’t have authority over someone else’s life, only they do. This is free will. I know that Calvinists may disagree when it comes to salvation, but I don’t think that many people will disagree that we have choices to make, and that those choices are up to us. So yes, I can command a demon to release you in the name of Jesus and, yes, I have authority over that demon. I don’t have authority over you. If you don’t want that demon to release you, I can’t make it. Now you may say that it is silly to have a demonic influence and not want to be set free from it. You’ll be surprised. People slip so far into these bonds and get so used to them, that they actually feel scared to break free. They don’t want to be in that situation, but coming out of it scares them too. They end up actually sabotaging the ‘rescue mission’ by choosing not to come out of it. Whether it is a conscious or sub-conscious choice, it is a choice none the less. This brings me to my second point, our free will. If someone doesn’t want to be free from the stronghold, then they won’t be, so they need to choose to be free. Now all of this is made possible by what Christ did, so yes, it is all about Him. Because He died on the cross, we have the authority to cast demons out and break demonic strongholds, and because He died, we have the ability to resist the devil so that he will flee from us. Note, not leave us alone, but flee!

Let’s have a look at a practical example; I’ll use a simple illustration. I have felt that there were curses over my life; a mind-set that I was stuck in and couldn’t get out of; a lack of self-worth. Where these things came from is debatable, but that is not the issue. Someone prayed for me and broke those curses (at my request), and I also prayed against them. This was step one. Thanks to what Jesus did on the cross, I had the ability to break those strongholds after many years of submitting to them. This didn’t mean that they would never try and bring me down again, they did. They still do. The difference now is that I can resist them, I know where they come from, and I don’t want anything to do with them. Now, when I get a thought which challenges my self-worth, I throw scripture at it. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, I am a new creation, I was fearfully and wonderfully made. For God so loved me. They go on and on. I make the decision not to give into it. And, do you know what, I not only defeat those thoughts but I am stronger when I come through this situation than when I go in. God really is good, even when I do get it wrong from time to time and give in to the wrong thoughts, for there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus!

So, to sum up, it is not always a problem that can be fixed in one prayer, but it starts with one prayer. Remember, the Bible tells us to repent and, contrary to popular belief, repentance is not grovelling to say sorry, but making a change (read ‘Repentance is the Cure‘ for more information). Changing from a way of sin, to a way of righteousness. Jesus made it possible for us to do just that, and He made it possible for us to help others get on their way by releasing them from the chains.

Make the right choice.


50th Post!

This is my 50th post and I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for reading, liking and following my blog, I really appreciate it! I have spent the last 49 posts, making various statements that produced many agreements, and disagreements. That is because we all have slightly different beliefs and we interpret the Bible differently. This time I don’t want to say anything controversial, I just want to celebrate the thing that brings us all together! Jesus came down from Heaven and died for us, so that we could have eternal life! That is at the core of everything that we do and believe, we may express it differently, but we all believe it. That is what we as Christians believe, and I would like to celebrate this today! So this will be my shortest blog post, as I end it here, and hand over to Chris Tomlin to commence the celebrations!

Enjoy the video, to God be the Glory!


Monkey See, Monkey Do

I have noticed something of late, which is not rocket science, but we need to be aware of it. We are influenced by the things we see, the people we spend time with and even the TV that we watch. Yes, everything we come into contact with has an impact on us, and influences our decisions in some way. This is why sports brands will pay millions of dollars to have an athlete wear their products. We see the athlete in a brand, we like the athlete, so we buy the brand. We don’t think about it or discuss it, it is all just in our minds, but we still take the action that the advertising company banked on. Have you ever been to watch a new James Bond movie, and then when you come out of the cinema, you’re watching everyone like you’re some kind of spy? You could also just listen in the car park after the Fast and the Furious viewers come out of the cinema, everyone revving their engines and racing off like crazed maniacs. What we watch has an influence on us, whether we think it does or not. That is why advertising is such a money-making deal, because it works.

Since I was made aware of this, I have noticed that so many adverts are anti-Christianity. Now I’m not saying that they come out and oppose us, I’m saying that if you watch them and listen to what they are saying, and then compare it with scripture, you’ll see what I mean. There is a beauty product that says, “I trust science, not miracles”. What they mean is that they trust scientific research over ‘miracle creams’, but what is that telling your sub-conscience, what is that putting into your mind? There is another one where the kid comes in and drops his bag on the floor and his mother says, “If you don’t pick that up you won’t come on holiday”. Then the kid says, “Holiday, really? Cool!” and runs off… without picking up the bag. Now I’m not a parent yet, but surely making an unrealistic threat like that is not good parenting, and surely if he didn’t pick it up he shouldn’t go on holiday? There is even an advert now for vodka, which shows serpents pouring vodka for an Adam and Eve type setting. They are actually using the symbol for the devil, depicting sin, to sell a product.

So, am I over-reacting or do I have a point? Some people may think that I am over-reacting, and that we shouldn’t, and can’t, keep ourselves wrapped in cotton wool. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t watch TV or wrap ourselves in cotton wool, I’m saying that we need to be aware of what is going on. We need to be spending time reading and meditating on the Word so that when we see these things, we recognise them for what they are, and we reject what they are saying to our minds. When I see the advert about trusting science and not miracles, I say, “Actually, I trust God, and He uses miracles!” I know it is cheesy, and I don’t want it to become a religious practice, I want us to actually take note what is going into our minds, sift it through the ‘Biblical-filter’ and reject what is not from God. 2 Corinthians 10 verse 5 says, “[Inasmuch as we] refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).” This is telling us to do what I just said, to ‘think about what we are thinking about’!

I have written another post about this entitled ‘Think about it..‘ so I won’t go into it again, but I think that this is very important. Just about every Joyce Meyer sermon and book is about protecting your mind. Now you may not like her, but there is more than enough Biblical evidence to back up what she is saying and what I am saying here. So please, make sure that you take note of all of the things you see, hear and think, weigh them up against what the Bible says, and then reject what is not from God. We may not be led astray by one thought, but we are constantly being bombarded by ungodly things all day long, so we need to be aware. All of these thoughts add up and, next thing we know, we’re on the wrong path and we wonder where things went wrong.

Protect your mind.


PS. This is my 49th post, number 50 is next! I thought that for the 50th post, we’d just celebrate who Jesus is and what He did for us, so don’t miss it on Wednesday!

Only a Silver Medal

Most of my posts are about the authority we have in Christ, abundant life, or spiritual gifts. These posts are true, but sometimes we don’t see the miracles. Sometimes we have loads of faith and command healing, yet we just don’t see the results that we expect, and that frustrates us. This post is about those times when our lives don’t go as planned, and more importantly, don’t go according to what we think thank God has in store for us.

In the last church service that I was in, the preacher mentioned about the fact that what he was preaching, didn’t always mirror what was going on in His own life. I feel the same sometimes, always speaking about abundant life and the authority that we have in Christ, yet I don’t always see that in my own life. That doesn’t change the fact that I know it is true, it just means that I need to elevate my life up to that which the Bible says is possible, always remembering that there is no condemnation. Thinking about this, I was reminded about Joseph (with the coat), who was given a prophetic word that he would rule over his brothers. Next thing Joseph is in prison. He was probably wondering how he ended up there with the word that was given, but God was faithful and he did end up exactly where God said he would. It just didn’t happen as quickly as he may have hoped, in fact, he took a probably unexpected detour.

Of late, we have seen quite a few healings in our church, and I am grateful for what God has done. There have, however, been some people who weren’t healed. This bothered me. If we have this authority and we have the faith (to see healing), how come not everyone is healed? You know what, I don’t know why. There are some theories, but the bottom line is that we don’t always see what we want, when we want it. That doesn’t change the fact that God gives good things, it doesn’t change the fact that we have that Christ-earned, God given authority. It doesn’t change the fact that we have faith in God. In fact believing for miracles, even after you have ‘failed’ to see what you expected, shows faith. Even though I may pray for a miracle and not see it, I still believe that all things are possible in Christ.

I was watching the gold medal ice hockey match at the Winter Olympics. The Swedish players looked so depressed and unhappy while receiving their silver medals. I couldn’t help but think about that, I would have been ecstatic with a silver Olympic medal, but they looked so upset. You see when you have just lost a match and you are now handed a ‘loser’s’ medal, you feel like you have lost. The aim was to win and get gold, but you failed. However, if you asked them before the tournament if they would like a silver medal, you may have got a different reaction. Ask a young boy if he would like a silver Olympic medal one day, and he will be so excited, but when you lose the final it feels like a consolation. This may be the same with us. We expect God to heal all the time, so we spend more time wondering about the people who aren’t healed, than giving thanks for those who are. I find myself doing this sometimes. Are you maybe guilty of this?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” God is worthy of being praised and thanked just because of who He is, even if we don’t see miracles happen for us. I am not saying that we shouldn’t strive to be more like Jesus, or believe for the big miracles, in fact I encourage people to step out in faith. We just need to remember that even if things don’t always go our way, God is good, all the time. He is worthy of being praised, and I for one will continue to praise Him. Regardless of my circumstances.

To God be the glory!


Let’s ‘Bake a Cake’ with God

Recently in church, the speaker shared a quite brilliant analogy (he is rather clever) for how God reacts with us. It was so good, in fact, that I want to share it here, and add in some thoughts of my own. This is a perfect follow up to my last post entitled ‘Houston, We Have a Problem‘. If you thought for a second that I was suggesting we do anything in our own strength, read this.

The speaker told a story about how his wife used to ask their young daughter if she wanted to bake a cake, even though the mother already knew that she was going to do it anyway. The daughter would then agree and the mother would patiently let her ‘help’. The mum would lift the child up, let her ‘help’ to mix the batter and put the cake in the oven. All actually being done by the mum but, because the child had her hands on the bowl at the time, she was part of it and she was ‘doing’ it. When the dad came home and was offered some cake, the little child was excited because she had ‘made’ the cake. The dad was glad that she felt included, yet he knew full well that his wife actually did it.

I would like to take the story one step further and say that, one day, when the daughter does make her own cake, even though it may not be the best cake in the world, the dad (and mum) would still be proud of her. This is how God is with us. He is the one with the power, and we are pretty much useless on our own, but He wants us to be involved. He wants to see the joy on our faces when we get to ‘help’ with His plans! Does He need us to help? No. Does He want us to help? Yes. Why? Because He knows the joy that we will experience and He knows how much we will be blessed by helping with His plans! Even when we mess it up – when we take something on with good intentions, but it is not what He wanted. Even when things don’t work, He is still proud of us for trying, He is still proud of His children.

When it is what God wants, and He is involved, with us ‘helping’ that is when miracles happen! We have seen a few people healed in our church of late, and we have seen many more come to Christ. Was it our abilities that did that? No. Were we involved? Yes. The pastor of the church and I commanded healing over a woman a few weeks ago, and she was healed that night. Was it because we are anything special? No. It was because the God we serve is amazing, but we still went through the actions of commanding the injury to be healed. If we hadn’t done that, would she have been healed? I don’t know for sure but I can only assume not. We don’t take the glory for this, we give it all to God, but we were extremely blessed to be part of God’s plan. We were happy to ‘help’!

I think it is important to realise that all of the power comes from God, all of the ability comes from God and miracles come from God. It is also important to remember that God allows us to be part of this; He allows us to do these things because He is a proud Dad who wants His children to thrive. He wants us to be part of His plans. I don’t have children yet, but I can imagine how blessed I will be one day if my son or daughter shows an interest in the things that I am interested in, and wants to be part of them. I can only imagine that is how God feels about us!

So what do we do about this? Like I said in my last post, let’s get out there and do what God has called us to do. Not in our strength, but in His. Not with our abilities, but with His. Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”.

God is baking a cake, do you want to help?