Not How it First Appears

I experienced an interesting event in the last few days, which I would like to share. It is confidential, so I won’t mention any names or the actual condition involved, but I will try and explain the lesson learned without spilling the beans. If it doesn’t make sense please just bear with me and I’ll try to explain as comprehensively as I can.

Someone (let’s call her Jane) had a condition that caused internal issues, as well as some external ones, but the only visible ones were internal. Which meant that we could pray for her, but we couldn’t see any change unless she went to the doctor for a scan. Now, one of the indicators that she had this condition were some internal scars which were visible on the scan, so this is how the doctor first diagnosed the problem. She was told that this condition vary rarely goes away and will probably just cause more damage and side effects. The other side effects being the more dangerous problems and causing the external problems. I know this must be confusing not knowing what is going on, but it gets easier.

Now it came time to pray. As I have mentioned in other posts, I don’t pray for illness, I speak to the illness and command it to leave – as modelled by Jesus and the disciples. The day in question I was particularly fired up and I wasn’t taking no for an answer, so I actually ended up shouting at the condition and commanding it to leave in Jesus’ name! Jane said that she felt some weird feelings in the area where the condition was most concentrated, so we trusted that God had healed her, but we could not confirm it until she went for a scan. That scan happened this week.

She went for the scan, and the first bit of information I received was that the internal scars were still there. I breathed a disappointed sigh. She then asked me why I was disappointed and proceeded to tell me the rest of the news. The other side effects that the doctor had said would happen, did not. The other news was that there didn’t appear to be any more scars. This means that the scars that were there (3 years ago) that were caused by the condition were still there. No new scars, no further damage, no new damage, no other side effects. In fact, other than the old scars, they could not find anything else (internally) wrong with her! Now even though the doctors see the scars and say that the condition may still be there (because they don’t see how it could have just gone), the fact that there is no new damage, I believe that the condition has in fact gone!

Now I thought about this and wondered why God would do a miracle and not remove the scars? Why do something 99% and not go all the way? I came up with two possible solutions, although there may well be others. Firstly, the condition was the problem, not the scars. If you have a pacemaker put in, are you more worried about the dodgy heart and pacemaker, or the scar on your chest? You see the scars may serve as a reminder of what happened, but it is also a reminder of what God has done! I’m not saying that He left them there on purpose, but He didn’t really need to remove them, the person is fine now, and that is all that matters. The other possibility I came up with is a far more simple and logical one. I didn’t command the scars to go, I commanded the condition to go. The condition went and the scars didn’t. Maybe it is just that simple.

Either way, I have learned a few things. Pray and command specifics, don’t underestimate God, and always look for the good as opposed to assuming that nothing has happened when you hear the first bit of news!

One day I will be able to tell you the whole story.

All glory to God!



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