Spot the Opportunity

In a previous post, I have spoken about adverts and other media items that subtly try and lead us away from God (Monkey See, Monkey Do). This time I would like to look at it from a slightly different angle. This time I’m not talking about subtle tactics, I’m talking about when Hollywood takes on a Bible story, God-themed movie or demon-related horror. How do we as Christians generally respond? Are we maybe missing an opportunity? Probably.

I think back to Bruce Almighty. I remember going to the cinema to see this and was greeted by a bunch of angry Christians with posters urging people not to watch this ‘blasphemous’ movie. Now I watched it and yes, it is not Biblically correct, but it is not meant to be. If anything, it makes you think about God and it makes you realise what he is ‘up against’ and the fact that it is a job that you don’t really want, but He can handle. It also opened up some ministry doors as non-believers started asking me questions about God and what I thought of the movie. If that is not a witnessing opportunity then I don’t know what is. Now if we are here to spread the gospel, who had more chance of accomplishing that, the movie-boycotters or me? #Justsaying

Now as for the Bible story movies, I have not yet seen ‘Noah’ as I write this, but I have heard many different views about it. I still plan to see it. You see some people are moaning about the fact that the director is an athiest and he didn’t stick to the biblical details at all, it fact he claims that it is only based on the Biblical story and does not follow it. So what? As above, will it not bring up the conversation of God with your friends? Will it not maybe encourage people to pick up their Bible and check out what it says about it there? Does it not just create awareness for the Bible? Does it not raise some issues that we can discuss? I seriously think that we as Christians should spend less time criticising films like this and more time recognising the opportunities that they create.

The final category is an interesting one. I’m talking about the demonic type movies like ‘Paranormal Activity’ and the like. Now I won’t go and see these movies, because I know the truth about demons and quite frankly I don’t want anything to do with them. I hate them. I am here to fight them (as are all Christians) and break their strongholds, I am not here to be entertained by their ‘actions’ in the cinema. Having said that, I realise that other people will go and watch these movies. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t make them. So again, what are the opportunities. I have been able to talk to many non-Christians about spiritual-warfare because of them watching such a movie. Even though the movie is rubbish and usually completely inaccurate, it does bring up the conversation. It gives people a completely warped idea of demonic activity (which I guess is the demon’s plan), however it is our job to set the record straight. People are fascinated by these things, and generally Christians are scared of it so we don’t talk about it, so they go to the movies to find out. We need to use this opportunity to talk to people about this. Non-Christians don’t read the bible, the only way they’ll hear the truth is through us. Talk to them.

So now what do we do about this? Well, first of all, stop moaning about non-Christians getting ‘Christian’ stories wrong. They don’t understand. Take what they create and use it as a foundation to speak the truth, that is the only way that some people will hear it. Watch the movies (except for the demonic ones) but remember that it is only a means of witnessing, don’t start believing Hollywood over the Bible. Talk to people about it, referring them to the Bible. Haven’t you heard how everyone loves to compare the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies with the original books? Well now you can do the same, except the original book is the Original Book!

Take a chill pill and spread the Word!



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