God Wants You Well

I have never done this before, but I would like to endorse a book that I have read. The book is called God Wants You Well (despite what you may have heard) which you can find on Amazon by clicking the link. I read this book partly because it was written by a friend of mine, and partly because I had an idea of what he would write about, and I needed to hear it. If any of you need healing, think that you may have a healing ministry, want to see people healed or want to raise your faith, I strongly recommend that you read this book. It may be about healing, but it is actually about faith, and how important it is. I have applied concepts from this book to various areas of my life and have not been disappointed.

Here is the review that I wrote for Amazon. This book is primarily about healing, although it covers so much more. It is about life, about faith and believing in what Christ has done for us. Roarke writes in a very easy to understand, conversational type of way, which is really refreshing. I do not read many books, but I am glad that I read this one. I share many of the same views as the author, so it was not a complete life-changer for me, but it was good to help get all of my thoughts and ideas in order. I think that most Christians will find this to be a major game-changer, as it does go against many ideas that have crept into Christian practices. This takes us back to scripture and explains what Jesus intended us to know. It is easy to understand, yet contains plenty of scripture references and original words used, which makes it suitable for all readers.

You probably know about some of the issues that I have been facing of late, and this book really helped me to put things into context. It helped me to put my faith in God, and not just my faith but my actions. Actions speak louder than words. You may have heard the saying, put your money where your mouth is, well what about, put your actions where your faith is? We as Christians often say things, declare things or even command things, but do our actions back them up? If we go to a prayer meeting to pray for rain during a drought, do we take an umbrella? Do we actually expect something to happen when we say that we believe that it will? These are some of the topics that the book discusses.

This book is written as if the author is having a conversation with you, it is very simple to understand, but still has original Greek words and other ‘theological’ references. Whether you are a theologian, a new Christian or even someone who wants to know about Christianity but hasn’t made any decisions as of yet, you will be able to understand this book and you will get something out of it. I do have to warn you though, it could well go against theology that you may have heard in church. I believe it to be totally biblical, and I would be hesitant to disagree with anything said, however it does go against the grain of some fairly popular ‘Christian theologies’. All I (and the author) as is that you read it with an open mind, see what he has to say, and then make up your mind. What this book has to say makes more sense to me than what I believed before. A belief that was born out of a lack of understanding, rather than an understanding of the scriptures.

As I said, I know the author, and he has agreed to answer some questions (if you have any). I have arranged to have a ‘questions and answers’ blog post in the near future. Please go ahead and purchase the book, read it, and then send me any questions or comments that you may have for the author. You can message me on Google + or send me an email with you questions, and I will select some of my favourite and send them to Roarke to get his answers. I really hope that you are as blessed by this book as I have been.

Step out in faith.



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