What is Your Mission?

This is a topic that has been pushed up my list of things to write about, partly because it is an issue, and partly because I just can’t believe that it is happening. I saw people posting stuff about Mark Driscoll, and I wanted to find out what the issue was. I went and googled his name and found a website that was apparently going to explain what the issue was. It wasn’t. It was merely a mud-slinging website. I am not going to mention the website as I think that it is a ridiculous, and I don’t want to promote it. Here are some of the accusations that they make against Mark to show that he is a ‘false prophet’:

He dresses too casual for the pulpit.

He preaches about sex.

He makes jokes in his sermons (about Bible characters).

He promotes punk music.

He doesn’t condemn tattoos.

He has been given words of knowledge about peoples sins.

Seriously? Is that what they are condemning him on? In that case, you had better condemn me too. I have preached before, and I wore jeans and a t-shirt. I have taught about sex ( and keeping it within marriage), I have made jokes in a sermon, I like heavy metal music (possibly even ‘worse’ than punk), I have a tattoo (which I got as a Christian) and I have been given words of knowledge about people’s sins. Does this make me a ‘false prophet’? No. The bible talks about false prophets, but we need to read what it actually says, and not just give that label to anyone that we don’t agree with.

Going back to Mark, he has made some mistakes. He has probably made even more that are not public knowledge. He has apologised and is trying to put them right. What more could we ask for? Is that not what the Bible instructs? I don’t know Mark Dricoll and I don’t even listen to much of his teaching, but if you’re going to call someone a false prophet, you need better reasons than the ones listed above.

Here is the point of this post. What is your mission, what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to teach people and bring glory to God or are you trying to bring someone else down? I know there people will probably argue that they are trying to help people by ‘exposing the lies’, but how about spending more time preaching the truth? Seriously, take the time that you spend gathering ‘dirt’ on Mark Driscoll and spend it in the Word. Spend it teaching truth. Then if you get it wrong, learn from your mistakes and move on (like Mark does). I’m not saying that we should ignore false teaching, I’m saying that if we preach the truth, people will recognise false teaching. Besides, if you’re after false teaching there are others that are much more false than Mark Driscoll. In fact other than making mistakes and apologising for them, I struggle to see where Mark has gone wrong. If anyone knows and will discuss it respectfully so that we can all learn from his mistakes, then fine. If you want to throw mud, go and do it elsewhere.

Are you here to speak the truth, or to oppose others that do that you don’t agree with? Please note that I am not saying that Christians should not hold other Christians accountable, I believe that we should. I am merely saying that if your entire ministry revolves around ‘proving’ someone else wrong, then you have issues. Rather spend the time preaching what you believe to be true, than following someone else trying to catch them out. If I am not mistaken, that is what the devil spends his time doing.

Jesus is the Way, follow Him!



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