Why We Don’t Get Healed – Part 1

This post has been a long time coming, and I can see it generating a few arguments. I can also see it setting some people free to receive healing, and for that reason, it is well worth writing it. I must just say that the ideas in the blog are not all my own, but I wouldn’t put them in if I didn’t agree with them. I have 12 reasons why people are not healed, so I’ll go through them and see how many I can fit on each post. If you would like to see the videos where I learned this, you can find them here.

First of all, in order for this series to make sense, you need to understand my basic views on healing. I believe that God wants all of us healed, all of the time. Jesus never said to anyone, “Sorry, but it is God’s will for you to be ill.”. He also never denied anyone who asked to be healed. If Jesus was doing God’s will (which He always did), surely He would have denied some people if God’s will was for some of us to be sick. Secondly, I believe that we should not pray for healing but command it. Why? Monkey see monkey do. Did Jesus ever gather around a sick person, call the disciples, and pray? No. Even if you use the incredibly thin argument of “We’re not Jesus”. How did Peter do it? How did Paul heal? No prayer I’m afraid, just commanding. If you’re now going to tell me that the Bible says that the elders should pray for someone who is sick, I’ll agree, but just look up that word pray. In this case it is the one case where it means ‘active-prayer’. Should that maybe rather be translated to ‘minister’? I’ll leave that up to you, but surely passages of scripture and examples by Jesus, Peter, Paul and others should outweigh one verse when we are deciding how to act? Thirdly, we have been given the authority to command healing. Jesus gave us the authority in Matthew 10:8. Here is a story to illustrate my point.

Imagine Jesus to be the sun (and the Son, see how that worked out?). The sun is always shining. Why don’t we see it at night? Because we are not facing the right way. Why don’t we see it when it is cloudy? Because the clouds are in the way. Does that mean that the sun is not shining, or just that we are not experiencing the sunshine because something is preventing it from getting to us? This is exactly the same with healing (and other things). Isaiah 53:5 says that by His stripes we were healed. Not may be healed. Were healed. This means that Jesus has already done what He needed to do in order for us to be healed, it is now up to us to use our authority to heal (ourselves and others). I know that this may come as a shock to some, it did to me, but knowing this has changed my life for the better. Please just note that I am not saying that we command Jesus to heal (He is not our puppet), I’m saying that we command the sickness to leave (or the person to be healed), in accordance with what Jesus died for. We’re telling the person’s body and the sickness what to do, not God. One more thing, we always do this in the name of Jesus. We’re not doing this in our own strength. If you agree with my statements up to this point, then carry on reading. If you have an issue with what I have already said, then I strongly suggest that you go away and pray out it, read the scriptures and ask God if I am talking rubbish or not. The rest of this won’t really help you if you disagree with what I have said so far.

Thanks for reading this post, which turned out to be the introduction. As I said, I want to share 12 of the ‘clouds’ that prevent us from experiencing the power of the ‘sun’ (Son) and all that He has to offer. This series is 5 posts long, as I talk about each ‘cloud’. If you disagree with anything that I have said so far, please find some scripture to back your arguments up, pray about it, and if you still think that I am wrong, show me why. I am not adversed to learning, provided it can be backed up properly with scripture. I used to just blindly believe what people told me, not anymore, I now believe the Bible (and those who speak truth from it) regardless of what others may say.

I hope that you are as excited about eliminating these ‘clouds’ as I am. Look out for the next post.


13 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Get Healed – Part 1

  1. Hey Richard thanks for this post, I’ve been pressing in on this particular area in my life in some practical ways…with some startling results actually! Healing all sickness-I see that in scripture, so I’m not going to argue that, still we must be careful not to forget that we will all die one day..most likely from an illness…an illness that God will choose not to heal even when friends and family pray full of faith. His sovereignty over-rides any hard and fast rules on this. Looking forward to more thanks Richard.


    1. Thanks for that Don, I hear you. I’m still not sure if it is God choosing not to heal, or people get too weak when they are older, I haven’t quite made my mind up what I believe when it comes to death.. One step at a time. The Bible says that death has lost it’s sting, which makes me wonder if God is ‘calling us home’ or if we die because of sin, but God has a way out. I know that upsets people who believe that God’s will is always done, but as I said, I’m just trying to get my head around it. Either way, you are right, we won’t be here in this state forever. As you also said, this shouldn’t stop us from believing for healing.

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