The Fire Within

I usually write these posts in advance, and then post them on a Sunday. Today is different. No I am not going to talk about mothers, even though it is mother’s day in the UK today, I think we’ve heard about it enough today. I would like to share a word that I got in church today. The word was for me, but I shared it with the congregation too, as I believed that it would also be for their benefit. I was getting ready to post something that I wrote a while ago, but I believe that God wants me to share this word with you too, so here it is. Fresh from God to you!

The picture that I received was a picture of a fire. That was it. The fire represented the Holy Spirit, which is not too far a stretch, as the Bible talks about being baptised by the Spirit and fire. This got me thinking about fire, and what God could be trying to tell me. I immediately thought of 2 scenarios, and I think that they are both relevant. The first scenario is that it is sometimes difficult to start a fire. When you watch those survival programs on TV, you watch people sitting in a rain-soaked jungle, trying desperately to start a fire with damp green sticks. They will tell you that it is not easy. The other scenario is the one that we have recently had happen in Cape Town. I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and I have seen my friends post pictures about the fires there. It has been an extremely hot and dry summer, and after a few inconsiderate people threw their cigarettes out of their car windows, they had a bush fire on their hands. This fire raged out of control, burning acres of land and some houses. Fire fighters tried to contain the fire, but they were often fighting a losing battle. Now how can you have one fire that won’t start, and another that won’t stop? What makes these different?

The environment.

If you are in an environment which is conducive to fire, it will roar on, but if you are in an inhospitable environment, you’ll struggle to start a fire. Sound right? Now let’s take a look at the Holy Spirit, and see how we can relate this lesson. The Holy Spirit needs the right environment to flourish. He is not here to force us to do what God wants, He is here to lead and guide us. What kind of environment are you providing for the Holy Spirit? If the Holy Spirit lives within you, you are the environment. What kind of environment are you? One that is conducive to the blazing fire, or one that makes it impossible for a fire to even start?

So how do you become the right environment? God gives us guidelines in His Word. People often tell me that they pity me because I have to spend time praying, fasting, reading the Bible and meditating on the Word. Are they kidding me? I don’t have to do that, I want to do that. God has called us to live a certain way, not because He wants to give us some rules to follow, but because He wants us to be the best possible environment for the Holy Spirit.

What environment are you providing Him?

Fan the Flame, encourage the Fire to spread!



3 thoughts on “The Fire Within

  1. Hey Richard, just yesterday my sermon was from Galatians 2 on the topic of Grace vs. law / works. – Our Spiritual disciplines (Bible reading, fasting, prayer etc.) can become a work if we do it thinking it is a requirement to earn God’s favor. – It really is our part to position us to hear and obey the will of God for our lives. As we grow in him so too the desire (fire) grows that we want to spend our time in prayer and his word.

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    1. It is so important, yet most people don’t understand. They are either all about grace, and place no important on works, or the other way around. Grace is for salvation, works is our response to God’s grace because we love Him. I think that it is cool that what God wants for us, is best for us.. Doing what He wants actually benefits us. I don’t understand why it is so misunderstood. Glad to hear that you are teaching on it, thanks for the comment.


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