Understanding Prophets (and Fortune Tellers)

I wrote a post entitled the Difference Between Prophets and Fortune Tellers a while ago, and it has become the most read post on my blog, by a long way. I have had people reading this post just about every day since I wrote it. I realised just how big an issue this is, and judging by the searches done to find this post, people genuinely did not know the difference. I find this quite scary. Please read the original post if you haven’t already done so, then take a look below at some more information about the differences between the two.

I have the gift of prophecy, and I have prophesied over many people, and I have found one misconception about prophesy in particular. I would like to address that now. Prophesy is not just saying what will happen, it is speaking it into existence. Now before you start arguing with me, take a look at Ezekiel 37. Ezekiel is told to prophesy over the dry bones and they will come to life. He was not told to prophesy over the bones BECAUSE they will come to life, he was told to prophesy SO THAT they will come to life. There is power in a prophesy, if it does in fact come from God, it is more than just what is going to happen. I see two reasons for this, one is a Kingdom principal, and the other is possibly more of a ‘practical’ reason (not that the Kingdom of God isn’t practical).

I believe that we have the power to speak things into being which are not yet in existence. Romans 4:17-18 says, (as it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations”) in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did; who, contrary to hope, in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations, according to what was spoken, “So shall your descendants be. God did this in Genesis, He created the world by just speaking. I believe that God was demonstrating a Kingdom principal. Jesus spoke and people were healed. The disciples spoke and demons fled. Paul spoke and people were raised from the dead. The list goes on.

The more ‘practical’ reason is simple. We need to follow prophesies. If I prophesy something over you and you believe it, you will change your life accordingly. This is a good thing, if the prophesy has come from God. Let me use an example. If you’re desperate to find a husband or wife (depending on your gender) and God tells me that you’ll find your significant other in a specific church. What will you do? I would imagine that as soon as I tell you, you’ll be off to that church to look for them. This may be part of God’s plan, as He knows that you will grow at that church, and He has a ministry for you there. You have then taken action, and are now where God wants you to be. You grow spiritually, grow your ministry, find the love of your life and get married. The prophesy has then being fulfilled. A few reasons, God said that it would, someone spoke it over you and you did what you needed to do. Now I know that there are verses that says that we can not stop something from happening if God said that it would and I am not going to go into theology now, we can’t stop God from doing what He wants, but we can stop ourselves from receiving the will of God. Does God want you to sin? No. Do you sin? Yes. There, you have prevented God’s will in your life. We have a responsibility, but no one can stop God.

So why are prophets good and fortune tellers bad? Well, I said in the first post that prophets got their power from God, and fortune tellers get theirs from demons. I also said that most fortune tellers don’t know this, they believe that they have a gift and they use it as best as they can. They are not deliberately trying to deceive you, they are in fact deceived themselves. Think of what I have said if you receive a word from a demon. First of all someone will speak it over you, then you will believe it, then you will change your life to accommodate it. These actions can work for your destruction as well as your well being. What if we take the same scenario, but a fortune teller says that you’ll meet your husband/wife at a particular club. You then go and hang around there, with the temptation of drink, drugs, sex, profanities. Is that what God wants for you? Is that good for you? You’ll be on the look out for the ‘right person’ that you may end up marrying someone because the ‘fortune teller must be right’. Now don’t get me wrong, you may actually be happy, but see how far you are away from where God wants you? Now the thing is that God can tell the future. God can make you promises about the future. Demons can’t. They don’t know the future, nor can they make promises that will actually come true. They can only lead you to places where they know God doesn’t want you. They can only lead you on a wild goose chase, probably ending up with your demise.

If you have been to a fortune teller, don’t be disheartened, all is not lost. You can still turn to God and He will help you. Go to a spirit filled church and see if there is anyone there with a prophetic gift, ask them. Read the Bible. Ask God what He wants you to do. It is never too late. If you’re going to base your life on a word, would you rather it come from God or a demon? The scary thing is that even if you don’t go to a fortune teller, you are either for God or against Him, there is no neutral ground. It may be time to make sure that you’re for Him. If you are a fortune teller, why don’t you ask God to reveal the spirit (demon) that you have been hearing from, and turn away from the demon to God instead? It may be frightening at first, but you won’t regret it. I know of fortune tellers who have done this, and changed their lives completely. They now hear from God and would not go back for anything.

Watch out for some more posts about this.



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