Name It and Claim It

I have had issues with the term ‘name it and claim it’ and I have finally decided to address them. You see I have issues with the fact that some Christians abuse it, and others want nothing to do with it. I have even heard people say that it is completely unbiblical. It is true that the phrase does not appear in the Bible, but I am going to show you why it is biblical, and why we (Believers) have all done it at least once, but why we shouldn’t abuse it. I hope this clears up any confusion that you may have, and show people in both camps that there is some middle ground here.

Firstly, let’s deal with those of you that have no issue with the term, and possibly abuse it. God is not our genie. He is not just there to give us what we ‘claim’ in His name. We can’t just decide that we would love a Ferrari, name it and claim it, and then expect God to jump and give it to us. If you have used the term and expect God to jump, then you really need to think about who God is and who you are. I have been accused of doing this by people in the second category (I’ll get to you in a minute), but I don’t do this, I’ll show you the middle ground soon.

The second group of people are those that hate ‘name it and claim it’ and say that it is not biblical. Well, it actually is. Change the words slightly, let’s rather call it ‘believe and receive’, now that is biblical. Faith moving a mountain and all that. You see we need to believe to receive. Why is this? Is this not the same as the people in group one? No, you see God never promised us a Ferrari. God does make us promises though. If you don’t believe that you will receive what God has promised you, will you receive it? It is impossible to please God without faith. The other thing that I would like to mention to those who oppose ‘name it and claim it’, you have actually done it. Once, did you not speak out and declare Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? Named it. Then you declared that you were in fact a Christian and had been saved. Claimed it. Was there anything wrong with that? No.

Now before I upset both camps and get a lot of angry responses, let me explain the middle ground. When I speak a biblical promise over my life and declare that it will be so, I am not telling God what to do. I am telling my circumstances to fall in line with what God has promised. I am telling the demonic forces that are preventing God’s will from being done in my life, to get out of the way and release me. I am speaking things into my life, according to the will of God. You see, I have authority over my life, the demons, and my circumstances, I can command them. I don’t have authority over God, I can’t command Him. Fortunately for me, God has already done His part, I just haven’t received all of His promises in my life yet. That is not because He hasn’t done it, it is because they are being prevented from reaching me. This is what I am commanding, not God. In my opinion, naming and claiming things is merely speaking what God has promised into being. If you’re not doing that, you’re missing out. If you’re trying to tell God what to do, you’re asking for trouble.

Think about it this way. If I called you up and said that I had paid £500 (or $ if you’re in the States) into your bank account, but the money didn’t show for weeks, what would you do? Let’s say that I confirmed your bank details and they were OK, but your bank said that they wouldn’t release the funds, what would you do? Would you command me to send it again? No, it was a gift, you wouldn’t do that. Would you command the bank to release the money? Probably. I would do so if it were the other way around. Who are they to stop me sending you money? To command me to send it again would be rude, to leave it would be stupid, but to command the bank to release the money would be the best action to take here. That is what I am doing in the spiritual realm with ‘naming and claiming’ or ‘believing and ‘receiving’.

I hope that this has cleared some confusion. Read the Bible, find out God’s will, and then speak it into your life. Then go and live it.

Be blessed.


One thought on “Name It and Claim It

  1. Greetings
    Great examples. It’s always fallen spirit’s and demon’s around us each day waiting like vampires to suck our blood we always have to continually asking God to pretect us from all evil, malic, jelousey and guide us with his Holly Spirit at all times and believe me it works for me I can see and feel things that aren’t of God Almighty was nice reading your post Stay Strong.
    God Blessed


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