Deception and the Power of Choice

Having had the opportunity to do some ministry this weekend, I have noticed something which I feel is relevant to us all. This is not a new truth for me, but it is something that I tend to forget at times and drop the ball, so it was good to see it again. This weekend I have commanded healing in someone’s life, given advice to a couple working on their marriage, stood with someone in prayer as they felt that they were under spiritual attack and heard a cracking sermon about faith and belief. Now what is the common thread here? The common thread comes down to faith.

I have written a few posts on healing, but the bottom line is that it comes down to faith. When the woman touched Jesus’ clothing, He said that her faith had healed her. She believed that she would be healed. She even risked her life to receive her healing. Now before you get all angry with me, take a look at my series on why people don’t get healed, it is not just about faith but it is impossible to please God without faith. Whether it is healing that you need or overcoming demonic ‘attack’, I would deal with them the same way. What is the devil’s biggest ‘skill’? Lying. He is the father of all lies. His main way of attacking Christians is to lie to them. We need to look at what the Bible says is truth, and then believe that, not the devil’s lies.

Here are some of the lies that the devil has tried to get me to believe, in the last few weeks. “Your business will fail, people don’t respect you, you won’t make money, you’ll never be healthy, they are plotting behind your back, your ministry won’t work, God is not listening, God is punishing you, you will fail. What does the Bible say? None of what the devil or his demons tell me is true. Who do I believe? You see we have free will, and this is often our downfall, we get to choose who and what we believe. Faith comes through hearing, and hearing the Word of God. Read the Bible, learn God’s truth and then believe that.

We are bombarded every day by lies, we need to know the Word of God, and we need to make the choice to believe it. When you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, what does the Word of God say? When the doctor says that it is terminal, what does the Word of God say? When the world says that you will fail, what does the Word of God say? When logic says to hold onto your money so that you’ll have enough, what does the Word of God say? When society says that you are not important, what does the Word of God say? What lies are you being told, and what does the Bible say? Which one will you believe? The choice is yours!

That is all I want to say today, I just want to encourage you all to renew your mind, and believe what God says is truth, not what we are lead to believe by the enemy. The choice is yours, make the right one!

God bless.



2 thoughts on “Deception and the Power of Choice

  1. Greetings
    The power of prayers is so real. I am happy to known you have experience that wonderfull blessing this wkend in your ministry glory to God plus you were able to help the couple who needed prayer.God is good all the time Stay Blessed.

    Blessing Post


  2. It’s all about our choices as you say. My hope is that many will realize that we are in a daily battle, and it should always be our choice to follow God and not the accuser.


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