Hebrews & Us – Part 1&2

Today I would like to start having a look through Hebrews. I often see verses quoted from the book of Hebrews, and there are some absolute gems, so I wanted to take a look at the book in more detail. Today we start with the first 2 chapters, so go ahead and read them, then take a look at my thoughts.

What strikes you from the first 2 chapters? Yes, it explains who Jesus was and what He did for us, but that is not the part that caught my eye. What caught my eye was how many times the words spoke, or spoken, came up. God has spoken to us, and so has Jesus, so what is so exciting about that? Take a look at the first part of Chapter 2, warning us not to neglect salvation. Words. God has spoken words to us. Jesus is referred to as the Word of God. How did God create the earth? Words. Why did/does God get people to prophesy? Words. Even us accepting salvation comes down partly to words. God has shown us just how important our words are, but do we do anything about this?

I have written a post before about the importance of our words, but I heard an interesting sermon this morning by someone with a prophetic ministry, so I would like to share some of that. What was preached this morning fits in nicely with the scripture that we have just read, so let’s take a look at it. The main point of the sermon was that Jesus said that ‘it was finished’, but actually it was only truly finished once Jesus had died and rose again. The preacher came to the conclusion that Jesus was speaking a prophesy. He was declaring that it was finished, in order to bring completion to it. We were then encouraged to speak things ‘finished’ in our lives, so that we could see more of God’s blessings. Now I’m sure that there are some of you who may have an issue with this, but I don’t. I believe that the power of life and death is in the tongue. I believe that we have the power to speak negative or positive things into our lives. What are you speaking into yours? What are you saying that does not fit into the word of God? How do your words differ to those of Jesus?

I often see this with healing. People will come and tell me that they fully believe that they will be healed if I command it in their lives, however they then proceed to tell me how they have had this illness for years and they will probably have it all their lives. So what do you actually believe then? I had a woman ask me to command healing in her neck last week. She said that if I told it to go, it would. She didn’t know me, but she knew the Word of God. I told it to go and she said, although she felt no change, she knew that she would be healed and that she would have a testimony by this week. The pastor asked me what I thought, and I said that she would be healed. Her words matched the words of God. I saw her today, and she told me that the pain was gone, and she hasn’t felt this good in years! Now don’t start writing to me telling me that you know someone who believed and was not healed, just listen to what I am saying. Does what you believe, line up with what you say and what you do, and does all of that line up with the word of God? That is what we need to do. Get all of them on the same page.

The centurion who asked Jesus to heal his daughter understood this. He knew that Jesus just had to say the word and it would happen. Jesus commended him for that. Do you realise that that same authority has now been given to us? I’m telling you now, if we can all grasp this (and I include myself, as I have a long way to go yet), we can change the world. We will see more miracles, and we will see the Will of God on earth as it is in heaven!

So, next week, as you continue with your life, remember this. Think about what you say. Make sure that what you say, is what you believe, and make sure that you believe the word of God. Let us all start to speak the word of God in our lives, and speak the enemy out. Why wait for someone with a prophetic ministry to come and speak into your life, read what scripture says, and then speak it into your own life.

God bless.



One thought on “Hebrews & Us – Part 1&2

  1. Greetings
    Exactly being the brightness of His glory and the express image of person’s and upholding all things by the word of his power according to (Hebrew 1V2) I agree we have to be carefull speaking word’s because word’s have meanings /power and could come to life.Christ has Dominion over the world/earth and he give us that Dominion as well. Great Lesson I enjoyed reading and was blessed. I prayer God continued to blessed you always
    Thank you very much
    God Blessed


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