Make Your Mark – Part 15

Today I may need to eat a little humble pie, but many of you may also have to, as we take a look at Jesus’ crucifixion. We have probably heard this story many times, so I am not going to look at the obvious, but rather something that we don’t often consider. Jesus’ death and resurrection is probably the most important event ever, and there is so much to talk about, but I would like to talk about Jesus’ attitude. Let’s see if it matches ours.

Jesus is going through something really traumatic and scary. If you have ever seen The Passion movie, you will have an idea of what Jesus went through, although even that was not as gruesome as what actually happened. This chapter is rather condensed, showing all the way through from Jesus’ trial to His death, so it is easier to see how Jesus approached it. When He was accused, He didn’t defend Himself. Verse 5. Why do you think He did that? I’m not sure, but I would venture a guess that it was because He didn’t need to. Jesus had said everything that He needed to, that is why they were trying to kill Him in the first place, so He didn’t need to defend himself. The next thing that is quite evident throughout this passage is that most people seemed to mock Jesus. The priests wanted Him dead, Pilate didn’t take Him seriously, the soldiers mocked Him, the crowds mocked Him, even the others being crucified mocked Him. Jesus never defended Himself, he never answered or rebuked any of them. How would we have responded?

How do we respond? What happens when someone puts something on facebook that you disagree with? What happens if someone says something bad about you? Are you a people pleaser, or a God pleaser? People have said some really horrible things about me, and just about everyone posts and says things that are just not true biblically, and I often have to bite my tongue. I don’t always get it right, I often get sucked into arguments. Why? If I am honest, it is probably because I want to defend myself and my views. Jesus didn’t do it when they were killing Him, yet I feel the need to do it on social media. That is something I need to address. Now don’t get me wrong. There is a time to address theology, there is a time to speak the truth, and there is a time to ‘set people straight’. Jesus did all of that, so I am not knocking it. This is not an excuse to sit back and not speak the truth. I am talking about when people attack you for speaking the truth. I often get that, and I used to deal with each and every attack. I don’t any more. If people genuinely don’t understand, or they have misunderstood what I have said, then I will address it. There are those who understand, but just refuse to believe it. There are also those who are openly supporting the ‘opposition’. Entering a debate with them is going to go nowhere, so I don’t even bother.

There is a time to teach, a time to ‘set straight’ and a time to keep quiet. Do we know the difference? Do we know when to do what? I pray for wisdom to deal with these in the future, so that I can improve in this area. What about you? Do you have any words of wisdom? How do you deal with this, especially on social media? In the past years, we may not have known everyone’s opinion or what they think of us, where as we now have it right in our face. We need to have wisdom in dealing with these issues.

Until next week.



One thought on “Make Your Mark – Part 15

  1. Sometimes you have to ignore because sometimes, speaking will not uplift. It is not easy to ignore personal attacks but minimum exposure to social media helps. Social does not extend your life. The “slow to anger, slow to speak” wisdom comes obviously with time but persons will test your patience and some days will be stronger than some. On the weak days and we say “Abba Father “, we see the way to go but we still have to make the choice to go that way……


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