The Danger of ‘God’s Timing’

Let me make it clear what I am saying here, before I get angry comments. I am not saying that God does not have a plan, I am merely saying that often breakthroughs take longer than they should, not because of ‘God’s timing’, but because of us. Do we need to feel guilty or condemned? No. But we can often do things to help. I often hear Christians say things like, “It will happen in God’s timing”, which is supposed to make me feel better. It doesn’t. I will attempt to show you why people say this, why it doesn’t help me, and why it isn’t completely Biblical. Here goes.

Let’s first start on the Biblical aspect. Do you know of any scripture which says that God has a perfect timing for the events in our lives, and that each event will happen at the right time, regardless of our actions? I couldn’t find one. I even googled this to find posts written about God’s perfect timing, and I have to say that none came close to changing my mind. The scripture they used was taken completely out of context. If I have missed something, please let me know, but I can’t find scripture to back up the above question. Take a look at the Israelites. They spent 40 years in the desert, a journey which should have taken a few weeks. Why? Was it God’s perfect timing, or the fact that they kept messing it up? Now the reason why we often think it was God’s perfect timing, is that God still comes through. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”. We see this happen, and then we assume that it was God’s timing from the beginning. It is often God cleaning up our mess. Now please don’t misunderstand, it is not always through our sin that we get ourselves into trouble. I have been in the situation before where I have prayed for a breakthrough, and for God to reveal to me if there was a generational curse over my life. After He confirmed, I broke the curse, and then saw a breakthrough. It was the curse that delayed things. I had the authority to break it, but I didn’t know about it. Now God was involved, as He revealed it to me, but it wasn’t delayed due to ‘His timing’. If I hadn’t prayed and asked for a revelation, or if I hadn’t broken the curse, I wouldn’t have seen a breakthrough.

Having said that, why doesn’t it help me when people tell me that it is down to God’s timing? Simple. I don’t believe that it is true. The other reason why it doesn’t help, is that it gives me the wrong impression of God. When I am going through heartbreak, or when I am enduring a really tough time, someone tries to help. They tell me that it is God’s timing. This tells me that God knows what I am going through (which He does), but it is not His time, so I must just suffer for a while until He is good and ready. If your child was in pain, and you could fix it, would you wait until the time was right for you, or would you fix it straight away? Are you a better parent than God? Something to think about. The other problem with God’s timing, is that it says to me I am doing everything right and it is just down to God that I haven’t had a breakthrough. I shouldn’t pray, I shouldn’t ask for wisdom, I shouldn’t do anything, I should just sit on my butt and wait for God’s perfect time. This is not what the scriptures teach. What about resisting the devil? What about the spiritual battle going on? Bad things are caused by the enemy. God wants to help us. That is the bottom line.

So why do people say this? There are 3 reasons that I can come up with. 1. It sounds right and comforts people. If people think that God has a plan for, or even be the cause of, their pain and suffering, then they are more inclined to endure it. It also take the responsibility off of us. Don’t worry about doing anything, God will do it all when He is ready. 2. It clears us of responsibility. If you say this to someone, then you don’t have to minister to them, you don’t have to help. God will help when He is ready. 3. It fits in nicely with the reformed theology. God does everything when He is ready, and everything that happens is the will of God. Don’t get me started on this, as I can go on for a while as to why this is not right. I think that this has come largely from this theology, again, which takes any responsibility away from us.

So what can you take from this. When things are not going as they should, there is something that you can do about it. Ask God for wisdom (James 1:5), resist the devil (James 4:7) and have faith. And remember, that if you trust in God, He will work all things (even your mistakes) for your good. It is not God causing you pain, it is the enemy. Will God sometimes call us into difficult situations? Yes. But remember John 10:10. We need God to play a part in our lives, we need Him to play the biggest part of all. I am not disputing that. I am merely saying that when things are not going well, we can fight the enemy (in the name of Jesus) and not just sit back and wait for God to do it.

Be blessed.



1 thought on “The Danger of ‘God’s Timing’

  1. Maybe a set time for prophetic words, but not when we petition for something according to his will, thats instant (mark 11:24)


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