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Who’s Bigger?

Today I would like to lead on from last week’s post, with a simple change of actions. We always talk about repentance, but what we don’t mention is that repentance is a change of actions, not just being sorry. Here is a change of actions that I believe that I need to do, so I thought that I would share it with you. Following on from last week, where we looked some more at faith and unbelief. Today’s challenge will help to remove some unbelief, and exercise your faith. This phrase is not new to me, but it is something that I need to put into practice. Are you ready for it?

We need to stop telling our God how big our problems are, but tell our problems how big our God is.

What does this mean? When you are praying, do you go on telling God how big the issue is that you need to overcome? Do you feel that doing that makes God more aware of your situation? He knows, He doesn’t need you to explain. My mission is to spend more time praising God (in prayer) for who He is and what He has done. Let my problems know how big God is, instead of the other way around.

I have seen some miracles in my life of late (I’ll share the testimony at some point), but now I need to have faith for even bigger things. Exciting, but rather scary. I have been guilty of telling God just how big this next step is, but I am now making the effort to tell my ‘mountain’ how big God is, and that it is going to move.

What would happen if you joined me in this?

Until next week.